New anti-aircraft missile from KB LUCH tested in Ukraine (video)

Short-range SAM based on the RK-10 missile from the Warta chassis from the Ukrainian Armored Vehicles Company. Photo: Defense Express.

The RK-10 missile, developed by the LUCH SCCB, in the anti-aircraft version, passed the stage of factory tests at one of the military training grounds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

From the very beginning, the new RK-10 missile in the State Kyiv LUCH Design Bureau was conceived as a universal tool designed to destroy ground and air targets and to be placed on land, sea and air platforms. It must be a powerful universal weapon that can destroy the enemy at a distance of more than 10 km.

In December 2021, the RK-10 in the anti-aircraft version was tested at the military range, which is to become a weapon of the new short-range anti-aircraft missile system, the development of which was initiated by the LUCH.

It is he who will replace the Soviet “Arrow-10” complex and ensure the protection of army units in the nearby area.

The first thing that attracts attention is the new aerodynamic solution RK-10 in the anti-aircraft version. If the anti-tank version is made in the traditional scheme – wings in front, rudder surfaces behind, the missile for SAM is made in the scheme “duck” with rudder surfaces in the bow of the missile.

Photo: Defense Express.

This decision is due to the need to provide greater maneuverability of the missile to destroy air targets.

At the same time, the missile control means remains unchanged – “laser trail”, when the target station leads the missile to the target in a structured laser field. However, as in the case of the air “Barrier-B”, an option is developed with an alternative guidance on the reflected laser beam.

Short-range SAM based on the RK-10 missile from the Warta chassis from the Ukrainian Armored Vehicles Company. Photo: Defense Express.

It should be noted that the use of a laser beam to destroy targets is a rather unusual solution for anti-aircraft missiles. Short-range SAMs typically use infrared homing heads, which are guided by heat from helicopter or airplane engines.

However, many remedies have now been developed against such heads, which appeared in the 1950s. From masking the engine heat and special heat traps, to blinding the heads themselves with special stations.

Short-range SAM based on the RK-10 missile from the Warta chassis from the Ukrainian Armored Vehicles Company. Photo: Defense Express.

In contrast to the traditional solution, laser guidance allows you to completely counteract all currently available on aircraft anti-aircraft missiles. Among foreign SAMs that use a similar solution with laser guidance, we can cite the example of RBS 70 from Saab Bofors Dynamics.

It is also worth noting the high energy of the rocket, for filming the flight of which was barely enough 120 frames per second. This characteristic of the RK-10 allows us to talk about the range of destruction of air targets at a distance of up to 12 km.

“RK-10 in the anti-aircraft version received an enlarged engine, which increased the energy of the missile. Laser guidance is provided, as well as unified design solutions that allow to install this missile on ground and air carriers – helicopters. In addition, the same missile can be installed on offshore platforms, which is of great importance given the requirement to arm missile boats of the Ukrainian Navy, “- said in an interview with Defense Express .

Rocket boat Fast Inshore Attack Craft (FIAC) from Babcock

“We are ready to install the RK-10 on boats, because the launch complex for this missile has small dimensions. Given the fact that the RK-10 can be in the version, both against air targets and against ground targets, this makes it a universal means of destroying targets at a distance of up to 12 km, “- said Oleg Korostelov.

It is noted that the new missiles can be installed not only on new British boats, which are designed and manufactured for the Ukrainian Navy, but also on patrol boats such as Island and even Ukrainian armored artillery boats “Gyurza”.

Small armored artillery boat (MBAK)

To date, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has supported the proposal to create a domestic short-range SAM complex based on the developments of LUCH CB with RK-10.

“Currently, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has agreed to sign a joint decision to work on a complex of short-range SAMs,” said the head of the SCC “LUCH”.

At the same time, according to Korostelov, these works will be carried out under the modernization of the “Arrow-10” complex.

Modernized self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system “Sturm-S” from CB “LUCH” on the open area of ​​the exhibition “Weapons and Security”. Photo: Vladislav Hristoforov / NPP

A similar approach has already been demonstrated at the Sturm-C complex, which is undergoing “modernization”, but in fact has changed so that only the chassis remains. Because it was completely redesigned and converted into a new Barrier-P missile, it received a new sighting complex and fire control system.

Thus, by analogy, then the updated “Arrow-10” with the new version will also combine only the chassis. Because we are talking about a new RK-10 missile and a new sighting system.

At the same time, the mass and dimensional characteristics of the complex with anti-aircraft RK-10 allow it to be placed not only on the MT-LB chassis, but also on 4×4 armored vehicles type “Warta” from “Ukrainian Armored Vehicles”. It is possible that at the request of the customer may be selected and another car base.


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  1. Nice! It is important that all missiles can be launched from mobile missile launchers, so we can change the position of the launchers shortly after launch, preventing the enemy from destroying them. I once drove a missile launcher in Bosnia. Nato could not destroy them since we moved them after launch and jammed their radar. Was i afraid to die, no i was young, energetic, crazy and drunk. 😂

    Good job Ukraine!

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