Lukashenka has published the text of the draft Constitution: the main changes

A draft of the updated constitution of the country has been submitted for public discussion in Belarus.Constitutional amendments published in Belarus / photo by Radio LibertyConstitutional amendments published in Belarus / photo by Radio Liberty

A draft of amendments and additions to the country’s constitution from the Constitutional Commission created by Alexander Lukashenko has been published in Belarus .

The document appeared on the website of the National Legal Internet Portal.

The Belarusians were invited to express their opinion on the draft of the updated Constitution. They can do this in the form of a letter to the e-mail of the National Center for Legal Information or through the electronic form on its website.

An article about an unlimited number of presidential terms (maximum two terms) was removed from the country’s constitution, but this applies to the newly elected heads of the country.

The main changes in the draft of the new Constitution:

  • The President of Belarus, who has terminated the exercise of his powers, cannot be held accountable for actions taken in office.
  • In the event of the death of the President as a result of an assassination attempt, terrorist attack, military aggression or other violent actions, a state of emergency or martial law is introduced, and state bodies act in accordance with the decisions of the Security Council. In this case, the Speaker of the Council of the Republic will preside over the Security Council.
  • The President of Belarus will be able to declare a state of emergency in case of attempted riots, mass and other disturbances.
  • The President can be removed from office by the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly – in the event of a systematic or gross violation of the constitution or committing high treason, or other grave crime.
  • The President of Belarus, who has ceased to exercise his powers, will be able to become a senator for life.

The document also enshrines the status of the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly.

In addition, according to the project,  Belarus will cease to be a neutral and nuclear-free country .

Protests in Belarus against the Lukashenka regime

In August 2020, mass protests broke out in Belarus over the rigged presidential elections, as a result of which the country’s CEC once again declared Alexander Lukashenko the President of the Republic.

Dozens of opposition politicians and thousands of citizens who disagreed with the regime’s actions were forced to leave the country due to political pressure and persecution by law enforcement agencies controlled by Lukashenka.

Due to the violence towards his opponents, the actions of Alexander Lukashenko were condemned in the EU and the USA, as well as in Ukraine. Sanctions were imposed against those involved in the arrests and killings of protesters. Lukashenko himself is not recognized by the EU or Ukraine as president.

Then Lukashenko’s main partner turned out to be his longtime ally, Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Unlike the West, the Kremlin avoided criticizing the actions of the self-proclaimed president.

Belarus has moved closer to Russia after the deterioration of Lukashenko’s relations with the EU and Ukraine.

(C)UNIAN 2021


  1. An illegal entity holding a make belief office as president, stolen from the true election winner and the people cannot make changes in a constitution. The abstract is mere toilet paper full of shit.

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  2. “The President of Belarus, who has terminated the exercise of his powers, cannot be held accountable for actions taken in office.”

    By some strange coincidence, shorty has made the same changes to the Russian constitution. Mafia men protecting their illegal activities after they are removed from power.

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