PM Shmyhal: We plan to spend at least 140 billion on road construction next year

PM Shmyhal: We plan to spend at least 140 billion on road construction next year

24.12.2021 15:27

The pace of construction of roads and bridges within the Great Construction project will not slow down as it is planned to spend 140 billion UAH next year.

“In 2022, we will definitely not slow down. More than UAH 140 billion have already been pledged for further construction and repair of roads. But I want to note that we use not only the state budget but also attract funds from international partners and thus increase the effectiveness of our cooperation,” Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said at the forum “Great Construction: Roads and Bridges”, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

According to him, over the past two years, more than $10 billion has been spent on the development of road infrastructure, including bridges. “It’s also a record. But it’s not just money and it’s not just numbers. Each hryvnia invested in infrastructure projects gives from UAH 2 to 6.5 of income in other industries. That is, it is a so-called economic multiplier which primarily supports our economy,” the Head of Government said.

According to him, an unprecedented number of roads have been repaired and built within the Great Construction project. “We will successfully continue to implement this project. As part of it, 350 man-made structures, namely bridges, have been restored. And this process also continues, we have many bridges that need reconstruction, renovation, construction. And this area is also being developed within the Great Construction project,” Shmyhal said.

He once again reminded that the first highway in Ukraine from Krakovets to Brody and Rivne would be built in 2022.

Complete reconstruction of Ukrainian roads will become possible in the next two years, the PM said.

He also drew attention to the Small Carpathian Circle project.

“It is an extremely important project. 640 km of roads that will fully reveal the tourist potential of the Carpathians, fully uncover the transit potential between Romania, Ukraine, and Poland. And such projects, of course, should also open up all economy and transit opportunities of our country in the conditions in which we are today,” Shmyhal added.

Earlier, the Prime Minister stressed that the project would facilitate the exchange of tourist flows, reduce travel time, as well as significantly promote the socio-economic development, and increase tourism potential in the region.


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