Vladimir Putin: It is almost impossible to build relations with Zelensky, he is under the influence of the “Nazis”

In his opinion, this allegedly happened after Zelensky came to power.Putin said that Zelensky fell under the influence of "Natsiks" / photo from UNIANPutin said that Zelensky fell under the influence of “Natsiks” / photo from UNIAN

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky fell under the influence of the “Nazis”, so it is almost impossible to build a relationship with him.

He stated this during a press conference. on December 23.

“What is the problem for us? We want to build good-neighborly relations with Ukraine. Moreover, at any price we go to any lengths, but how it is possible to build relationships with today’s leadership, taking into account what they are doing, is almost impossible. But we are ready to work with by those forces that would like to build relations with Russia in such a good-neighborly manner, “Putin said.

At the same time, the President of the Russian Federation noted that those people who want to build relations with Russia are being “destroyed” in Ukraine.

In his opinion, for the sake of building good-neighborly relations with the Russian Federation, Ukraine must agree with Moscow’s demands on the implementation of the Minsk agreements in the Kremlin’s interpretation.

“The Minsk Agreements say that it is necessary to amend the Constitution of Ukraine and essentially ensure autonomy, hold elections, declare an amnesty. What do we see in the draft law on the transitional period? Instead of elections, there is a military administration, instead of amnesty, lustration, instead of elections and political issues. – the return of troops to their places of permanent deployment … that is, to send troops into this territory without any political processes, without any elections, “Putin said.

Amendments to the Constitution must be coordinated with Russian militants “LPR” and “DPR”, Putin stressed.

He was also outraged that Ukraine refuses to talk to the militants of the so-called “LPNR”, whom he called “representatives of Donbass.”

“When we signed these agreements in Minsk, they themselves instructed that the representatives of Donbass put their signatures under this document, and these signatures are there. They put it, now they refuse to talk to them, they declare them terrorists, “Putin said.

“Explain why? Because instead of responding to people’s demand for peace, using these sentiments in Ukrainian society, President Zelensky came to power and, instead of fulfilling them, fell under the influence of radical elements,” Nazis “, – said Putin.

In addition, Putin recalled that Ukraine canceled orders to ban firing in response. 

“Ask them why they did it? And why are they shooting at their citizens in Donbass,” he said.

When asked what the future of Donbass will be, the Russian leader replied that the people of Donbass themselves should determine it.

We will remind, during the same press conference, Putin said that Ukraine is preparing operation was being to resolve the situation in Donbass by force.

(C)UNIAN 2021


  1. Building relations with RuSSia means being enslaved by RuSSia. Ukrainians learned their lesson the hard way and will never become another Belarus. RuSSia is not ruled by a ruSSian, but by a Soviet. Putin does not give a shit about RuSSia, its beauty and its people. Putin only cares about the USSR. He is a KGB fossil with a soviet program running inside his pumpkin. There will be no peace as long as Putin reigns in Moscow, since he does not want peace, he wants the USSR, and he wants the US downe. The latter almost achieved thanks to Obama, Trump, Pelosi and Biden.

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  2. Putler : the first troll ruler of the first troll state. A troll so incredibly evil yet amazingly manages to surround himself with hordes of equally evil trolls to help him run his filthy sewer.

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  3. “Ask them why they did it? And why are they shooting at their citizens in Donbass,” he said.

    Make your mind up Putler. You claim these citizens are Russian, and Donbas is part of Russia, then you say Donbas is Ukrainian with Ukrainian citizens. Which is it, it can’t be both?

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  4. “It is almost impossible to build relations with Zelensky, he is under the influence of the “Nazis”’
    It is said by some people that Zelensky is indeed under the influence of Nazis … the ones in the Kremlin.

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  5. Vladimir Putin’s press conference lasted almost four hours. During this time, the president was asked only a few really sharp questions about the situation in Russia. Putin responded to each of them like a carbon copy – with the obligatory mention that the West is no better. For example, when he was asked about torture in Russian prisons, the President of Russia recalled that in France and in the United States there are “a lot of places like this, which are not even in third world countries”.

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