UIA resumes flights to the United States and Canada in 2022

Photo: Fly UIA

UIA’s Supervisory Board has approved the resumption of direct long-haul flights from Ukraine to the United States and Canada in 2022.

These are the Kyiv-New York and Kyiv-Toronto routes, which before the introduction of quarantine restrictions in March 2020 were performed on long-haul Boeing 777-200ER.

To restart flights to America, UIA wants to return this model’s airliners to the fleet. The airline’s supervisory board has laid out a similar plan for the 2022 budget, said UIA President Eugene Dykhne.

Currently, the Ukrainian airline is already selling tickets Kiev-New York and Kiev-Toronto for next year’s summer flights. In the schedule, she indicates that they will be performed by Boeing 777-200ER.

In the past, UIA has repeatedly postponed the resumption of long-haul flights to America. It originally planned to restart them in December 2020 on Boeing 737 medium-haul aircraft with an intermediate landing in Iceland.

Then the airline shifted the time frame for the start of regular flights for summer navigation in 2021, and then for winter navigation in 2021. As a result, no regular flights from Kyiv to New York and Toronto have been operated this year.

Currently, UIA’s long-haul fleet, which can fly from Ukraine to America without intermediate landings, includes two aircraft – one Boeing 767-300ER and one Boeing 777-200ER.

According to market sources, the Boeing 767-300ER will not be able to fly in the United States without upgrading equipment due to new requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Boeing 777-200ER has the necessary equipment, but has not flown since December 2019. UIA then stated that it needed to completely replace one engine.


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