Ukraine ex-president Poroshenko dismisses treason probe

by Reuters. Tue, 21 December 2021

KYIV, Dec 21 (Reuters) – Former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko on Tuesday dismissed as unacceptable a decision by authorities to investigate him for high treason over his alleged financing of separatist forces in the eastern Donbass region.

On Monday the state investigative bureau said Poroshenko was suspected of “facilitating the activities” of terrorist organisations in a preliminary conspiracy with an unnamed group of people including some top officials in Russia.

“Accusing the head of state of state treason, financing terrorists, facilitating the terrorist organizations is the crossing of the red lines,” Poroshenko said in a video from the Polish capital Warsaw, where he is on a visit.

“It is not a joke anymore, jokes are over. And one will be held responsible for this. But later, because now someone has to be wiser, because now we have to unite, because now we have to save Ukraine and repel the Russian aggression,” he said.

Ukraine has been at war with Russian-backed separatists in the Donbass region since 2014. Moscow has unnerved the West with a troop buildup near Ukraine in recent months.

Officials have said the accusations against Poroshenko were related to similar charges against a prominent pro-Russian lawmaker Viktor Medvedchuk, who has been under house arrest for about six months.

In October, law enforcement officials accused Medvedchuk of colluding with officials during Poroshenko’s administration to buy coal from mines in separatist-held areas in 2014-2015 as a way of financing the separatists.

The investigative bureau said last week the officials could not summon Poroshenko for questioning in person. Poroshenko’s party said the former president had left the country for a planned trip.

The party said the accusation was fabricated on the instruction of President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

The embassies of the United States and Britain in Ukraine said in statements they are “closely following” the case against Poroshenko.

(Reporting by Pavel Polityuk, Editing by William Maclean)


  1. I don’t recall Poro sending terrorists involved in the bringing down of MH17, back to Russia, or stopping Wagner scum from being arrested, by sabotaging a well thought out plot. Nope, Poro is not the one who should face a charge of treason.

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    • What I find savagely ironic is what has happened to two former best friends. Saakash: rehabilitated and hired by Poro to do a vital job in Odessa, where he appeared to be making headway, only for something to go wrong, resulting in a sacking, rendering him stateless, only to return in bizarre circumstances. Then he goes quiet, enters Georgia at the port of Batumi, nearby dies in a hunger strike and now faces a putler-ordered (his claim) showtrial.
      Poro intends to return to Kyiv in January. Is there going to be a Saakash re-run?
      For what it’s worth (probably not a lot), I do recall being told by a patriotic Ukrainian back in 2015 that “it’s well-known that Poro is doing business with the DPR and LPR and making lots of money.” I took this to be a result of the kremkrapper information war that was going on and has if anything intensified. I did not believe it for one moment, yet my friend certainly did.

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      • In 2015 the propaganda coming out of the Kremlin about Poro was relentless. Not forgetting the majority of the media in Ukraine is owned by oligarchs who only care about one thing, money and power. The worst of which had already left the country for Cyprus, not returning until Zelensky won the election.

        Off topic. Not sure what is happening in Kyiv Post since all the reputable journalists left, and formed Kyiv Independent, but Kyiv Post has published only one article in a week, whereas the Independent, publishes well over 10 articles a day. It looks more and more like Kyiv Post was intimidated into closing down, or was bought off by Russian interests.

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        • For what it’s worth F1, my instinct is that putler will not order a further incursion.
          But of course, you can never predict what an aging psychopathic dictator may or may not do.
          We would not be in this position if Biden, who I believe is almost as untrustworthy as putler, has not given so much encouragement to the rodent : the Afghanistan debacle, the NS2 debacle, the grudging and inadequate response to Ukraine’s defence needs and worse of all, the refusal to commit to the use of US military power.
          Furthermore, I had thought that Boris was prepared to send troops, but Wallace has now put the kybosh on that. Boris of course has been weakened by the comically trivial “cheese and wine” scandal. British MP’s in-boxes are full of crap about that and other piffling matters. No one’s got time or concern for Ukraine’s plight.
          My main concern is Ukraine’s vulnerability to air strikes. I don’t know how adequate their defences are. But we do know that the airforce is under-equipped. Could not the allies at least be persuaded to provide some air power?

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