Pentagon, State Dep’t refute Russian defense chief’s lies on chemical arms plot in Donbas


U.S. Defense Department Spokesmen John Kirby and State Department Spokesman Ned Price on Tuesday both decried disinformation spread by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, picked up by the Russian media, about Ukraine’s alleged provocation plot for Donbas involving U.S. private military companies.


“Those statements by Minister Shoigu are completely false,” Kirby told a press briefing on Tuesday. 


Answering a question, whether Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin had spoken with his Russian counterpart, Kirby said: “He has not talked to Minister Shoigu and I don’t have anything on his calendar to announce today.”

In turn, Ned Price, Spokesman for the Department of State, said it was precisely Russia that was responsible for the escalation.


Contrary to statements from the Russian Defense Minister, Russia and its proxies are responsible for escalating tensions, not Ukraine or the United States,” he wrote on Twitter. “We call on Russia to stop using false, inflammatory rhetoric and take meaningful steps to de-escalate tensions to provide a positive atmosphere for discussions.”

As reported, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu at a meeting of the board of the Russian Defense Ministry chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that Ukraine, together with the United States, was allegedly preparing a provocation in Donbas involving chemical weapons, claiming that an American PMC was also involved in the plot.


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  1. The problem for Putin in this matter is the fact that it is illegal to recruit mercenaries in the US. Some have tried, but the results have been shall we say, less than satisfactory. The only major organizations of mercenaries these days are Russian. Turn the accusation around and make them Russian mercenaries, and you would have an accurate story.

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    • Putin has always thought that behind the scenes, the USA runs just like Russia. As an example Putin met with GWB once and accused him of “firing” journalist Mike Wallace and wouldn’t believe he was fired by the network for lying.
      The same with the mercs and chemical weapons. Truth is, the opposition party would have a hay day if the president even considered it, never mind the press.

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