Moscow reveals preparations for possible conflict – RT Russia and former Soviet Union

Warning! Article contains Russian BS

Russia does not want an armed conflict with Ukraine, but will continue to take measures to defend itself, Moscow’s top diplomat said, as Kiev claims Moscow could order an offensive against its neighbor.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with RT on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia “Would not want to choose the path of confrontation”, evoking the tensions with Kiev.

he warned “hot heads” in Ukraine against military confrontation and said Russia would respond to any provocation. However, the diplomat said that “The choice is up to our partners.

According to him, “The fact that the American authorities have been quite expeditious in organizing future contacts, I think that is a positive sign, whatever substantial work awaits us.”

Lavrov added that Putin had previously said that Russia “has all the capabilities in place to ensure a full military and technical response to any type of provocation that may unfold around us.”

(c) RT


  1. “Moscow reveals preparations for possible conflict”

    What Lavrov means is, Russia preparing for invasion of Ukraine, after launching false flag operation. A country that protects Russian speakers, by attaching GPS to them so, as to use them as suicide squads, will not hesitate to murder more Russians. Putler has a history of murdering Russians as an excuse to start a war, ie The Moscow apartment explosions.

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  2. “Russia does not want an armed conflict with Ukraine, but will continue to take measures to defend itself,”
    It would be nice if Ukraine were in a position to invade mafia land.

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