NATO will not let Russia dictate its military posture: German Def Min

“NATO will discuss Russia’s security proposals but it will not let Moscow dictate the alliance’s military posture,” Christine Lambrecht, the German Defence Minister, said on Sunday during her visit to German troops based in Lithuania.

On Friday, Moscow set out a list of demands for the West that includes withdrawing NATO battalions from Poland,Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Russia is also demanding a legally binding guarantee that NATO will give up any military activity in Eastern Europe and Ukraine and an effective Russian veto on future NATO membership for Ukraine – which the West has already ruled out.

“We need to solve the current tensions on the diplomatic level but just as well by putting up a credible deterrence,” Ms Lambrecht told reporters.

The combat units, deployed three years after Moscow’s annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula Crimea in 2014, are meant to stall an assault and buy time for additional NATO troops to arrive at the frontline.

“We will discuss Russia’s proposals…But it cannot be that Russia dictates to NATO partners their posture, and that is something that we will make very clear in the talks [which are to take place next week at the NATO council],” the German Defence Minister stressed.

The West has threatened harsh economic sanctions on Russia should Moscow escalate its military build-up on Ukraine’s border. Moscow says it is only responding to threats to its security from Kyiv’s increasingly close relations with NATO.

Speaking alongside Ms Lambrecht on Sunday, Lithuania’s Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas accused Russia of trying to drive a wedge into the alliance, and said NATO must not allow Moscow to divide Europe into spheres of influence.

“We need to support Ukraine with all means, which includes the delivery of lethal weapons,” he added, without giving details on what kind of weapons he meant.

Ms Lambrecht declined to comment on a report by Spiegel on Saturday that NATO’s top general Tod Wolters had suggested the alliance should establish a similar military presence as in Poland and the Baltic states in Bulgaria and Romania.

source: reuters

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  1. “We need to support Ukraine with all means, which includes the delivery of lethal weapons,” he added, without giving details on what kind of weapons he meant.

    Diplomacy with the dwarf terrorist is a non starter. Pump Ukraine with so many weapons that Putler will never again invade Ukraine.

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  2. So far only CO2. If Nato is really committed to these words, then Ukraine should be in Nato already. It’s tiresome to listen to the same drivel over and over again. By saying ‘we will look at it’ (Putin’s “proposals”), they are already humiliated. They should have said ‘Nothing to look at, except for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and 120k troops amassing along Ukraine’s borders.’

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    • I still believe that if the spaghetti spines want to negotiate with the ruSSo-terrorist they should threaten him with removal from international organizations. We know that here because he always wants to be invited to solve problems. Well, he IS the problem. Low hanging fruit would be PACE, OSCE, G20 and the UNSC. If Vladolf actually lost his fucking veto he would blow a gasket. Worse yet if it was given to Japan or Canada…

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  3. Nice, how everyone is saying this and that and issuing warnings and that this is a no-go and that issue can be discussed. What we are not hearing is that this many weapons are on their way to Ukraine and this military aid is assured and that this arms shipment is being dispatched. In other words, there are no concrete steps taken to assure the mafiosi getting a very bloody nose if they stick it into Ukrainian borders. Just bullshit.

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