Ep. № 62 – Russian military buildup: a bluff or a real threat? – With Peter Dickinson

Russia is amassing its troops on the Ukrainian border, and the risks of a new large-scale military escalation are high. Is it all a bluff, or is the threat real? Is there a consensus in the United States about it? What are the possible solutions on the table? Is the Zelensky Administration prepared for a military invasion? UkraineWorld’s chief editor Volodymyr Yermolenko discusses these issues with Peter Dickinson, chief editor of the UkraineAlert blog at the Atlantic Council.


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  1. Ukraine is not prepared. Many residents in the east will not resist very much. If 120k doped soldiers supported by Fulcrums, bombers, helicopters and the navy raid Ukraine, the few dozens of Javelins and patrol boats won’t save Ukraine. Then add potential traitors from within Ukraine, who might quickly switch sides. Only full military protection by the United States can prevent a bloody catastrophe in the heart of Europe.

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