The UK’s analogue to Tucker Carlson; Peter Hitchens, is at it again.

Dec 19, 2021.

In today’s Mail On Sunday, Hitchens column contains the following piece:

“A Ukraine war is not our concern.

Will there be war in Ukraine? What should Britain do if there is? Both the great European wars of the 20th Century were mainly between Russia and Germany and mainly about Ukraine, even though it did not then exist as a country.

It is an incredibly valuable piece of territory, a vital square on the Grand Chessboard of Europe. Whoever controls it gains huge political, military and economic benefits.

In 1914 and again in 1941, Germany was the aggressor in this struggle, and in both cases we found ourselves on the same side as Russia, despite its horrible regimes. In both cases, Russia ended up winning and Germany was rebuffed.

The European Union is the continuation of Germany by other means, a brilliant way of containing German power and using it (mostly) peacefully. The EU is dominated by Germany, which follows German desires but tactfully pursues them in Europe’s name. And the USA, which has long desired a united Europe, including the UK, is happy to back this arrangement.

There is no doubt that Nato’s eastward expansion is an aggressive revival of a century-old German desire to push deeply into the old Russian Empire. There was never any other political or military need for it, though it greatly suited the USA’s military industries, which lost a lot of business when the Cold War ended.

Russia kept protesting but was repeatedly snubbed. After the EU’s attempt to draw Ukraine into its orbit in 2014, Russia decided not to bother protesting any more, and acted ruthlessly. The world reacted as if this completely predictable slash of the bear’s claws was a total surprise.

I do not myself think that Russia plans to invade Ukraine directly. This is not because I think the Russians are nice. They are merciless in war, driven by shameless self-interest and capable of great brutality. It is because I do not think they are stupid. 

These days, wars are fought – by us as well as them – with underhand methods. Why invade when you can overthrow an unfriendly government by subversion in the guise of ‘people power’? Why risk sanctions and UN condemnation by sending tanks across a neighbour’s border, when you can do just as much damage by the use of proxy troops and unofficial militias, and then deny it was you?

But for Britain, the question is surely ‘Why should we get involved in this dismal quarrel, in which both sides have behaved very badly and will do again?’ We have no stake in it, and would gain nothing from taking part. Beware of warmongers who seek to draw us in.”


  1. Hitchens has been doing his best to undermine Ukraine and putler’s other main victim; Georgia, for more than a decade. As a result, trolls regularly appear on Mail comment pages sneering at Ukraine and goading the nazi rodent to attack. Hitchens denies their right to exist as independent countries, even though they are both much older than Russia.
    In 2010, he traveled to Crimea and set out the kremlin’s case for invading the peninsula, which it duly did just four years later. Today he continues to quote almost word for word kremlin propaganda to justify Russia’s menacing behaviour, referring to “the EU’s attempt to draw Ukraine into its orbit in 2014.” This is blatant nonsense. The EU does not want Ukraine, neither does Nato. The Franco-German alliance that runs both organisations is as putler-friendly as Hitchens.
    Ukraine is an independent unitary state and has the right to live in peace and formulate its own foreign policy free from RussIan interference. “Spheres of influence” are finished. Russia should have no more say in what Ukraine does than Britain has in India. Ukraine threatens no one and Nato is a purely defensive alliance, which would not even need to exist but for the aggressive fascist imperialist behaviour of Russia.
    On 9/11, America was attacked by degenerates. The civilised world united in support. Apart from the bbc, which broadcast an edition of Question Time on the following night. It chose to pack the audience with the type of people who claimed that “America had it coming to them.” It was so appalling that the US ambassador cried.
    These are the same type of despicable scum today, egged on by Hitchens, who say the same disgusting things about Ukraine.
    Putin inflicted the equivalent of five 9/11’s on Ukraine in 2014 and continues to murder Ukrainians at the rate of two or three per week. The amount of atrocities committed by putler’s occupiers is eye-watering; including the torture by electricity of Ukrainians and Tatars in Crimea and in Donbas. Russian occupiers tortured a 16 year old boy for having a Ukrainian flag on his sports bag. Eventually they beat him to death. They told his mother that the boy never cried or gave any information.

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      • That’s great the the DM published that. I’m sure the kremtroll vermin did not like that.
        Btw, I managed to get a version of my above comment past the mods on the MOS. I just edited out the swearing and putler. There were at least two pro-Ukraine comments plus mine in comments, plus the usual putler-groveling filth.
        Off topic: I glanced at the artists appearing on tonight’s Royal Variety Performance on ITV. Someone at ITV has a fucking sick sense of humour. On the bill is the IRA-loving turd Elvis Costello; real name Declan McManus, who once wrote a song expressing his desire to Murder Margaret Thatcher and “tramp the dirt down.”
        I suppose that people think that is magnanimity. I think it fucking sucks.

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      • These Libertarian shock jocks should be investigated for receipt of rubles. At a minimum they should be shunned for passing along disinformation. NATO’s “eastward expansion” is a direct result of Moskali fascism and imperialism. NOBODY can speak for these countries except these countries. In effect these shock jocks are employing the same tactic as what these new NATO countries are running away from. Shame.

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  2. “In 1914 and again in 1941, Germany was the aggressor in this struggle, and in both cases we found ourselves on the same side as Russia, despite its horrible regimes. In both cases, Russia ended up winning and Germany was rebuffed.”

    History is not this Kremtrolls strong suit. First he carefully omits Muscovy’s part from 1939-41. Then forgets that Muscovy pulled out of WW1 in 1917 to have their revolution. Muscovy were not on any winning side in WW1.

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  3. Hitchens is a master at burying his head in sand, like an Ostrich. The old Pewtin-loving moron is incapable of seeing the broader danger of mafia land’s aggression against Ukraine. If you don’t stop the neighborhood bully from bullying your neighbors, he soon will be at your own door and he won’t be there for a friendly chat. The likes of Hitchens and Carlson are doing their respective people a huge disfavor by harboring wellbeing to a crime-ridden leader of a rogue state. History is full of warmongers who are not stopped by words and indifference to their aggression, but encouraged to take what they want. Just like the neighborhood bully.

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