Ukraine is investing UAH 65.8 billion in the development of the electricity transmission system over the next 10 years

The updated Transmission Systems Development Plan for 2022-2031, which was developed by the system operator NEC Ukrenergo, was approved by the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities.

Ukrenergo plans to build about 3.15 thousand km of new 220-750 kV power transmission lines in 10 years, including interstate interconnectors, and increase the transformer capacity of substations by 13.2 thousand MVA.

In addition, the plans include the reconstruction of more than 1.67 thousand km of 220-500 kV overhead lines, as well as the reconstruction of 61 substations at the first stage of the complex program of automation of NEC Ukrenergo substations with the introduction of automated process control systems.

The estimated amount of investments for projects that have already started to be implemented and are planned to be implemented is UAH 65.7 billion over the next 10 years.

A number of projects have been added to the updated Transmission System Development Plan to ensure the reliability of power supply in the eastern region and the capacity generation available there. In particular, it is necessary to reconstruct the 220 kV line Luhansk TPP – Jubilee with the reconstruction of 330 kV substation “Jubilee”.

This will increase the level of reliability of energy supply to consumers in the northern part of Luhansk region, remove restrictions on the capacity of Luhansk TPP, which can be delivered to the power system, as well as reduce electricity losses that currently occur when transmitting 110 kV and below.

Also added is a project to install an additional autotransformer (AT-2 330/150 kV) with a capacity of 250 MVA on the 330 kV Substation “Vilnohirsk State Mining and Metallurgical Plant”.

This will, first of all, remove the overload in the winter from the two existing transformers of this substation, as well as provide for the long-term need for additional capacity of the Vilnohirsk power plant. In addition, the Development Plan envisages the transfer of 35 kV power supplies from T1 and T2 transformers to autotransformers within the complex reconstruction of the 330 kV Pavlogradskaya Substation, which will relieve T1 and T2 overloads and significantly increase the reliability of energy supply.

In general, the key directions for the development of Ukrenergo’s networks for 2022-2031 are projects to ensure the reliability of power supply of individual regions and energy hubs, the generation of generation capacity and the integration of Ukraine’s energy system into ENTSO-E



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