In St. Petersburg the military ship “rocket” “Provorny” caught fire (video)

The ship has not yet been handed over to the navy.Rescuers assigned the highest difficulty grade to the fire / ScreenshotRescuers assigned the highest difficulty grade to the fire / Screenshot

In St. Petersburg in the evening, December 17, a military corvette with guided missile weapons “Provorny” caught fire during construction.

This is reported by a number of Russian media outlets.

According to TASS , three people were injured as a result of the incident. The condition of one man is assessed as moderate, the other two are assessed as satisfactory. However, local publications write about four victims.

Rescuers assigned the fire the highest difficulty grade, the fire covered 800 square meters.

According to Fontanka , the flame spread to the wheelhouse of the main command post and the tower-mast structure; the situation is complicated by the burning of oil, varnish and resin.

The ship has not yet been handed over to the navy. It is planned that after the completion of all work – in 2022 – the corvette will become part of the Joint Command of Forces in Kamchatka.

The vessel is designed to patrol the near sea zone, to combat surface ships and submarines, to provide air defense for ship detachments from the basing points, as well as for artillery support and amphibious assault operations.

The official groundbreaking ceremony took place in 2013.

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    • I red it again this article. Does it take the Russkies 9 years to build this çorvette’fire excluded? Are the workers drunk 24/7? Ukraine could build an own corvette I quess in max. 3 years, with normal funding.
      There we go: In Russia they steal whole budgets

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  1. The fire at the Severnaya Verf occurred on the evening of December 17. The press service of the United Shipbuilding Corporation reported that the fire began on the project 20385 corvette. The project includes the vessels Gremyashchiy and Provorny. By 21:26 Moscow time, the fire covered 800 square meters and more than 160 people were engaged in extinguishing it. The Unified Duty Dispatch Service explained to Interfax that “this is the area of almost the entire corvette”. By 23:00 , the crews managed to contain the fire.

    9 years of ‘work’ down the drain. Unrepaireble…………….


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