Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia agree for the first time on cooperation on way to EU membership

08:04, 16 December 2021 – 112 Ukraine

The countries adopted a joint statement

The leaders of the countries of the “Associated Trio” – Ukraine, Georgia, and the Republic of Moldova – based on the results of their meeting in Brussels on the sidelines of the Eastern Partnership summit, adopted a joint statement as the President’s Office reported.

With this statement, the heads of states of the “Associated Trio” greeted the economic and investment plan for the Eastern Partnership announced at the summit, “containing specific flagship initiatives for partner countries”. Besides, the leaders of the three countries confirmed their commitment to further strengthening the political association and economic integration of Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia with the European Union.

The heads of state of the Associated Trio expressed their hope for expanding sectoral cooperation with the EU on green and digital transitions, convergence, energy security, justice, and home affairs, strategic communications, and healthcare.

“We expressed our interest in deepening cooperation of the Trio countries with the EU in order to integrate into the EU’s Single Digital Market, including through participation in the EU programs” Digital Europe “,” Instrument for Europe Communication “, as well as reducing roaming charges between the EU and” An associated trio,” the statement said.

At the same time, the leaders of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine assured that they will make efforts to strengthen cooperation with the EU “in order to strengthen European energy security, full use of existing gas transmission systems, synchronization of electrical networks and prevent the use of energy as a weapon”.

To improve transport links with the EU countries, the Trio countries agreed to liberalize the road transport market, develop transport corridors, as well as implement joint infrastructure projects with the support of the Eastern Partnership Economic and Investment Plan.

“We have reaffirmed our determination, backed by the strong will of our peoples, to act towards membership in the European Union. In this regard, we call on the European Union to support the sovereign choice of our states, along with all the steps we have taken towards European integration, and to recognize the European perspective of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine,” the authors of the statement concluded.

As we reported, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky went to Brussels for participation in the sixth summit of the Eastern Partnership. During his visit to Brussels, Zelensky will hold a number of bilateral meetings with leaders of EU member states, partner countries, and leaders of the Union.

Particularly, a tripartite meeting between President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Federal Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz, and President of France Emmanuel Macron took place in Brussels. 


  1. Yea! I’ve been advocating for this a long time and I’m glad it looks like it’s going to happen. Sure the EU isn’t perfect but way better than Ukraine’s situation right now imo. These three are in the same boat so why not row together!

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  2. “The Occupied Trio” would be more apt. I have a friend from Moldova who married a Ukrainian girl and he says there is a very positive atmosphere in Moldova since Maia Sandu took over. For the first time since their “independence” they have a civilised leader who does not report to fucking Russia.
    Putinazi crooks run the organised crime there, including the repellent trade of sex trafficking women and girls to places like Germany and Italy. This needs to be smashed and the traffickers executed.
    I wish it would be possible to say positive things about Georgia, where the putlerite Ivanishvili has an iron grip. The man should should be in charge; Saakash, has been badly beaten and spat upon by putlerite guards as they prepare for a putinazi-type show trial.

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  3. “This needs to be smashed and the traffickers executed.”
    And what are Germanystan and spaghettiland doing about this disgusting thing? Knowing those leftist bastards in charge, not nearly enough that could be done. The West has become a playground for all manner of filth from around the world.
    Having said that, I fully agree that the trafficers should be executed … after they have been locked up for a while in the filthiest holes and making little rocks out of big rocks.

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