In the Cherkasy region, the first cars today set off on a repaired bypass of Talny. It is a part of the road H-16 Zolotonosha – Cherkasy – Smila – Uman. This is one of the key roads in the region, it connects the right-bank and left-bank parts of Cherkasy region.

The length of the repaired bypass is 10 kilometers. The site starts in the village of Sokolivochka and reaches the former airfield near the town of Talne. Now it is a model road with a new road surface with pre-reinforced base, markings, barrier fencing and lighting.

In addition, two artificial structures were repaired: the overpass at km 175 + 600, and the bridge over the river Tikich Mountain at km 176 + 872.

“H-16 is one of those roads that is being systematically restored according to the route principle. Summing up the repair work on this road for two years, we have 127.7 km.

The H-16 highway was repaired almost the entire length. The tender for the repair of the last 9 km has already been held and the winner has been determined. The works on this road will be completed next construction season, ”commented Andriy Ivko, Deputy Chairman of Ukravtodor.

According to the results of large-scale construction in the Cherkasy region, 394.2 km of roads of state importance were renovated in two years.

Ukravtodor pays a lot of attention to the construction and rehabilitation of bypass roads in Ukrainian cities, as it allows to direct a significant share of traffic outside cities and thus unload roads and reduce congestion in large cities.

Bypassing Talny is one of a number of projects being implemented under the President’s Big Construction program . By the end of the year, the 7.1 km long southern bypass of the city of Dnipro will be put into operation. The repair of the northern part of the Kharkiv ring road, namely 57 km of the M-03 highway with a length of 57 km, has been completed. The construction of 8 kilometers of the Northern Bypass of Rivne is also being completed. Construction of this road will be completed in 2022.


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