The authorities claim 58% of adult Russians are vaccinated. But in the VTsIOM poll, only 42% said they were vaccinated

The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) conducted a survey on vaccination and the attitude of Russians towards it. During the survey, 42% of respondents reported that they had already been vaccinated.

Another 27% of the respondents expressed their readiness to be vaccinated with one of the vaccines available in Russia. That they would not get vaccinated, said 29% of respondents.

The survey was conducted on December 12 among adult residents of Russia. VTsIOM notes that for this sample, the maximum error size with a probability of 95% does not exceed 2.5%.

VTsIOM data differ significantly from the official information on vaccination. The Stopkoronavirus.rf website states that as of December 10 (two days before the survey), 67.3 million Russians completed vaccination. This is 58.1% of the adult population of the country.

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  1. The State lies, the people lie…………………………….reality must be around 30% is now vaccinated.

    • Moskali mathematics are lies too. Likely the truth is Putin has lost more people than any other country on earth and has the worst vaccines on earth too. Putin says its ok though, its part of his new pension program.

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