Swiss Airlines opens regular flights from Zurich to Odessa

SWISS Airline Photo: TripAdvisor

Switzerland’s largest airline Swiss International Air Lines (Swiss) from Lufthansa Group will launch regular flights from Zurich to Odessa on July 4, 2022.

The airline said in a statement that it will open a new flight as part of the expansion of the network of flights in the summer schedule next year.

Swiss intends to rely on routes to holiday destinations, as well as flights that are popular for visiting relatives and friends.

At the time of the official announcement of the Zurich-Odessa route, Swiss has already opened ticket sales and published a flight schedule. According to the schedule, flights are scheduled twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays in the afternoon.

Flights Odessa-Zurich-Odessa for flights in July 2022 cost 6700 UAH in both directions (220 euros) at the cheapest rate Light. It allows you to carry only hand luggage. The passenger can take a suitcase with dimensions up to 55x40x23 cm and weighing up to 8 kg in the cabin.

The regional Airbus A220-300 jet, which is equipped with 145 seats in the Swiss fleet, has been announced on the route. The speed of the airliner will allow it to cover the distance between Odessa and Zurich in about 3 hours.

Currently, Swiss is represented on the Ukrainian market by only one route – Kyiv-Zurich.

The airline operates as a network carrier. It offers guaranteed transfers at its base airport to other cities in Europe and America.

However, Swiss has not yet opened ticket sales for most flights in the summer months. This means that possible transfers from Odessa can be seen only on January 12, 2022. On this day, the airline will upload to the booking system information about flights from June 1, 2022.



  1. Very useful. Primarily for the putinazi criminals that regrettably still reside in Odessa to go and visit their thieved money; safety stashed away by integrity-free Swiss fucks.

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    • Flights used to go to Austria regularly from Kyiv. Just before Yanu hightailed it out of Ukraine, Azarov was going there nearly every week. Would love to know what he was doing in the nazi state.

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