Nolan Peterson, Coffee or Die Magazine

  • Tuesday, February 15, 2022
  • 1:00 PM 2:30 PM
  • Seminar Room G, Manor Road Building Oxford OX1 3UQ
  • United Kingdom

This winter, Russia massed more than 100,000 troops along Ukraine’s borders, sparking fears of a wider war with repercussions for the entire European continent. A ground invasion of Ukraine is a war that Russia would likely win — but at a very high cost in blood and treasure.

Since 2014, the Ukrainian government has rebuilt its regular military into a formidable fighting force. With a core cadre of officers and enlisted personnel who have been hardened by eight years of constant combat in the Donbas, Ukraine’s military is rapidly modernizing its equipment and professionalizing its personnel. Moreover, Ukrainian civil society has already demonstrated its resolve to mount a nationwide resistance campaign against a large-scale Russian incursion.

After nearly eight years, the war in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region is far from over. Along a fortified front line, Ukraine’s military continues to fight against a combined force of Russian regulars and conscripts drawn from the occupied Donbas territories.

The February 2015 Minsk II cease-fire froze the Donbas conflict along its current boundaries and generally limited its intensity by banning certain heavy weapons. But combat never ended. And with two of Europe’s largest land armies trading fire every day in the Donbas, there’s always the chance that this static, stalemated conflict will escalate into a far bigger and deadlier disaster.

Peterson will discuss the current conditions on the front lines in eastern Ukraine, the evolution of Ukraine’s military since 2014, and the potential for a nationwide irregular resistance campaign should Russia embark on a full-scale invasion.

Nolan Peterson is a war correspondent who has reported extensively from the front lines in eastern Ukraine since August 2014. A former US Air Force special operations pilot with combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, Peterson’s observations from Ukraine’s battlefields have influenced policymakers at the highest levels of US government. A 2004 graduate of the US Air Force Academy, Peterson speaks French and Russian and holds multiple master’s degrees. He resides in Kyiv and is currently senior editor for Coffee or Die Magazine. Peterson’s military memoir, Why Soldiers Miss War, was published by Casemate Publishers in 2019.

Seminars at 13.00, Seminar Room G, Manor Road Building, Oxford, OX1 3UQ. A sandwich lunch is served at 12.45. All are welcome, no need to book.Source:: https://www.flickr.com/photos/defenceimages/


  1. Nolan states on his FB page that he hopes it will be made available online. It should be an interesting event. He’s definitely a good friend of Ukraine. He posts pictures of his Ukrainian wife on his FB page.
    Because of the useless response of the west from 2014 until now, the rodent dictator still has multiple options available. All of them very unpleasant, uncivilised and savage.
    Germany and therefore the EU, has in fact been working consistently in Russian interests since long before 2014. Germany and its lackey France have been blocking Ukraine and Georgia’s Nato and EU aspirations since even before 2008. Georgia was attacked because it was not a member. Lech Kaczynski; murdered by the putinazis in Smolensk in 2010, had been warning of a likely Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is not clear whether this political assassination is still under investigation or not. There is clearly some internal debate going on in Poland.
    Even if putler does not move further into Ukrainian territory, he could still open up another front. He could order his junkyard dog; Lukashenka, to order his forces to start firing heavy artillery over the border into Ukraine on some bogus pretext. Ukraine could take some losses and be forced, like Saakash was in 2008, to respond.
    The rodent would then have all the pretext needed for another invasion. You can bet your bottom dollar that influential kremtroll scum in US and UK media such as Fucker Karlsonov and Pyotr Hitchensov will be preparing indignant articles : pure bullshit about “intolerable Ukrainian provocation” etc etc

    Link to Oxford CCW:

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  2. A general attack on Ukraine by mafia land could be directly linked to Europe’s appeasement. The situation is a mirror image of what happened in the 1930s. I wonder if the politicians in the West realize their complicity in this.

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