Poroshenko arrived in Avdiivka and handed over the battalion video surveillance complex to the defenders (politics)

The battalion video surveillance complex was handed over by the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to the 25th separate airborne brigade.

The leader of the European Solidarity party is in the Donetsk region, the press service of the political force reports.

“Today I am proud to have brought the second battalion kit. Avdeevka has a different geometry used for video surveillance, technical solutions are more expensive. I want to thank those who did not remain indifferent, because this project costs millions of hryvnias, – said the fifth president. – 50% is collected by the “Right of Hundreds”. To date, more than 5,000 Ukrainians have transferred funds, and 50% – the “Poroshenko Foundation”. The last 400 thousand were listed literally the day before yesterday. And this made it possible to bring these complexes to the front today ”.

After the rotation of the units, the equipment remains in position. Surveillance and optical reconnaissance kits help Ukrainian soldiers fight enemy snipers.

In general, at the expense of the Poroshenko Foundation and volunteers, the position of the 10th separate mountain assault brigade is fully equipped with an optical reconnaissance system, which, after rotation, was replaced by the 95th separate guards airborne assault brigade. Currently, there is equipment for video surveillance of the positions occupied by the 25th OVDB.

Poroshenko noted that in 2021, as in 2014, Ukraine also needs to join forces to repel Putin, the Russian aggressor.

“And if we are successful, Putin will end up in the dock at the Hague Tribunal. It will be so, ”the fifth president summed up.

Traditionally, the European Solidarity team brought fruit to the frontline, this time tangerines.

Then the EU leader came to Kramatorsk. Recently, on the initiative of the local party team, a monument to Stepan Chubenko, the guy who was tortured by the militants for the Ukrainian ribbon, was unveiled here.

“When life brings about certain circumstances, you have a chance to prove yourself as a hero. And that is exactly how Stepan Chubenko behaved. And this is exactly how Vladimir Rybak behaved. And for me they are symbols of the struggle for Ukraine and love for Ukraine. One didn’t let the ribbon rip off the backpack and said that it was sacred. The second one did not allow to remove the flag of Ukraine from the building of the City Council in Horlivka, ”Poroshenko said.



  1. Good job, Mr. Poroshenko. Under his leadership, Ukraine maintained its independence, repelling mafia forces and rebuilding Ukraine’s military from almost scratch.
    “And if we are successful, Putin will end up in the dock at the Hague Tribunal.”
    That would be great! Although, I prefer a Mussolini treatment, in which this shit nugget gets executed and strung up by the feet alongside his partners in crime on public display to be spat on, beaten and scorned.

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