New Austrian Chancellor insists on launching Nord Stream 2

Nehammer considers it wrong to link the gas pipeline’s commissioning and Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine.Nehammer is not ready to use the gas pipeline as leverage against the RF / photo REUTERSNehammer is not ready to use the gas pipeline as leverage against the RF / photo REUTERS

The new Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer has supported the launch of Nord Stream 2 . 

“I expect that Nord Stream 2 will be commissioned in the near future, as planned,” the German edition of Der Spiegel quoted the Chancellor as saying .

Nehammer is convinced that for EU countries that require gas and oil, it is important to ensure energy supply from as many sources as possible and have adequate pipelines.

“Of course, this also applies to Austria. Nord Stream 2 is an important project that gives the European Union energy security of supply,” Nehammer said. 

The Austrian Chancellor does not agree with the position of the US government to use the pipeline, which will supply Russian gas, as a lever against Russia in the Ukrainian conflict.

Nehammer believes that the commissioning of Nord Stream 2 and the escalation of Moscow in eastern Ukraine are not linked. Moreover, he is convinced that the original source of the gas pipeline’s launch “will only harm the EU.”

Recall, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that Nord Stream 2 gives the Western allies leverage over Russia. According to him, it is “very unlikely” that the pipeline will be put into operation if Russia resumes its aggression against Ukraine.

Earlier, Blinken, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock and their five G7 colleagues  signed a joint statement in which Russia was recommended to retreat from Ukraine, otherwise the Russian Federation would “face serious consequences.”

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  1. “Nehammer considers it wrong to link the gas pipeline’s commissioning and Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine.”
    This asswipe – used toilet paper that cleaned a Ruskie’s dirty ass – should get a treatment with polonium. Why are so many Austrian and krauts such assholes?

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    • They lost the war and suffer from inferiority complexes and paedophelia. They love to fuck people already lying on the ground, yet soil their panties when confronted with the biggies. Sadly Joe Biden is just another asswipe and liar. Interesting that in the 3rd world Corona has not caused any troubles. If Corona is so dangerous half of Africa would already be in hospitals. Corona is a leftist conspiracy. A harmless flu intended to destroy the right wing globally. Fuck Germany, Austria and their Biden!

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    • Compulsory vaccination is an interference with the human right of bodily integrity, which is a part of the right to private life enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as in the European Convention on Human Rights.

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