“I just freak out on prices.” Alexey Navalny spoke about the increased prices for food in the colony

Russian politician Alexei Navalny said that during his time in the colony in Pokrov, his personal food inflation was at least 40%. A post about this appeared on his social networks.

According to Navalny, twice a month he can go to the stall at the colony where they sell food. In a month, the oppositionist says, he can spend no more than nine thousand rubles on food, which is comparable to “how much an average pensioner can spend on it.”

“So in an economic sense, I am also a pensioner. And I’ll be honest, as it is. I just FUCK the prices. And doubly – from their growth, “- wrote Navalny (the author’s spelling is preserved). He told how over the past 10 months the price of food in the stall has risen:

  • canned meat – from 140 to 250 rubles (+ 79%);
  • canned fish – from 110 to 170 rubles (+ 55%)
  • canned beans, green peas and corn – from 56-70 to 80-85 rubles (+ 30%);
  • seaweed – from 45 to 65 rubles (+ 44%);
  • milk  – from 68 to 86 rubles (+ 27%).

Navalny also gave an example of the cost of Russian cheese – 237 rubles. The politician did not say how much cheese has risen in price recently, but noted that this is “the food of the oligarchs.” “Sunflower oil has risen in price to 90 rubles, and I am looking forward to a new jump in prices with great concern,” he wrote.

I know that in our stall the prices are the same as in the wild. Therefore, I say responsibly: the average Russian pensioner is a beggar, in front of whom the prospect of, if not hunger, then a complete substitution of the diet for cheap noodles really looms … I would very much like the head of the Central Bank [Elvira] Nabiullina to participate in the experiment, ” that inflation in Russia is 8%. And [Vladimir] Putin, who recently approved the minimum wage of 13,890 rubles. For such and such a salary and a milk drink is a luxury.

(c)MEDUZA 2021


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