Kremlin confirms Biden threatened Russia with financial isolation in the event of an attack on Ukraine

US President Joe Biden, in a conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, threatened Russia with financial isolation in the event of an attack on Ukraine, said Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov on the TV program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” on the TV channel Russia-1.

“Yes, indeed, Biden said that if there is this ephemeral invasion of Ukraine – apparently, the Americans have made themselves believed that this is not fake information, but the real truth – then Russia will be financially isolated and so on and so forth,” Peskov said.

In addition, Peskov called the conceptual understanding of the “red lines” between the United States and Russia a serious disagreement.

On December 7, the presidents of the United States and Russia, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, held talks via videoconference.

On December 9, the President of Ukraine held a telephone conversation with the American President.

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  1. We shouldn’t even be talking about Russia being isolated from the financial markets. It should have happened 8 years ago. 13,000 lives and a civilian airline would have been saved, if it wasn’t for Obama’s incompetency.

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    • I heard a comment from one of the US Generals that was in charge of Middle East when the Wagner sickos tried to creep up on the US Marines in Syria and ended up barbequed. He said he spoke with the Commander afterwards and told him “he should have killed the other half” of the invaders. The Commander told the General they were running away and the General said “Russians always run away but they also always come back.”

      Time and time again we see they won’t fight but because Putin is crazy nobody wants to be in his crosshairs. Even our guys on the front line weren’t very impressed by the 100,000 staged at the border. There are many sanctions missing that were promised and you’re right, they are 8 years behind.

      The Ukrainian national anthem says the enemies will fade away like the morning dew (paraphrase) and I doubt financial sanctions will do that but they would be another step towards their implosion.

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