2 in 5 Russians Have No Savings – Survey

Two out of five Russians have no savings, according to a Superjob recruitment website survey published by the RBC news website Monday.

According to the poll, 43% of respondents said they have no savings whatsoever. That figure is an increase from 40% in each of the previous two years and 28% in 2008, according to RBC.

Thirteen percent of those who had savings said they’d be able to live on them for less than a month. Another 18% said they would be able to survive for up to two months and 11% for up to half a year.

Only 8% of those polled said they would be able to survive on their savings for up to one year and 7% for more than one year.

More than half of the 43% who have no savings earn less than 50,000 rubles ($680) per month.

The share of Russians who do not plan their costs and savings has grown by double digits since 2019 and now totals 34%.

Superjob conducted the survey among 1,600 adults across all 85 Russian regions between Nov. 9-Dec. 9, RBC reported.

(c) The Moscow Times


    • I have no savings either, but i have a full fridge, a Playstation and a toilet. Most ruSSians would consider my life luxurious. Putin ruined his country to the core. He only cares about power, not people and their well-being. Just like the soviets.

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      • The rodent convinced the morons of the country that they don’t need filled fridges or luxury game sets or even toilets if it means helping mafia land’s grandeur … meaning Putin’s own personal benefits, of course.

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  1. That’s okay. The people’s involuntary frugality serves a higher cause. The people must bring sacrifices so that their crime syndicate clan can play war with its neighbors and live the good life.

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