Russian politician called Putin’s real “red line” across Ukraine

When the Russian president says that for him the “red line” is Ukraine in NATO or the Alliance troops on Ukrainian territory, the real point is not that, the expert believes.For the regime of Vladimir Putin, the threat is Ukrainian democracy, not the "mythical troops" of NATO, the Russian politician said / photo ReutersFor the regime of Vladimir Putin, the threat is Ukrainian democracy, not the “mythical troops” of NATO, the Russian politician said / photo Reuters

In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin is not afraid of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) troops in Ukraine.

The Russian leadership fears that the Ukrainian state will have democratic stability, said Russian politician Leonid Gozman on the air of the Ukraine 24 channel.

According to the politician, the threat to Putin’s regime is Ukrainian democracy, and not the “mythical troops” of the Alliance.

“He (Putin – Ed.) Draws all sorts of” red lines “. Although when he says that the” red line “for him is Ukraine in NATO or NATO troops on the territory of Ukraine, in fact this is not the point. that the leadership of my country fears not NATO troops in Ukraine, but democratic stability in Ukraine … “, the politician said.

Recall that in Ukraine, as a result of the Revolution of Dignity, the pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych lost power, fled to the Russian Federation and asked the Russian leadership to send troops to Ukraine. Russia seized Crimea and broke into part of the Donbass.

Kiev decided to break off close relations with Moscow and embarked on a course of rapprochement with NATO and the European Union.

The Alliance said that the doors of the bloc were open for Ukraine, but it was necessary to reform the armed forces.

As a reminder, on December 1 of this year, Vladimir Putin said that he wanted to receive guarantees from the West that Ukraine would not join the Alliance .

Then NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Russian Federation has no right to prevent the Ukrainian state from becoming a member of the bloc.

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  1. Exactly right. Putler fears a successful and thriving Ukraine more than anything. All his propaganda about Ukraine being a failed state, will be thrown back in his face by the Russian public. They will be out in force, demanding to know why Russians still live in shit, while their neighbours are living in relative luxury. But if the sheep opened their eyes a little more, they will see it has already happened, in every ex Soviet country that moved away from the Russian jackboot.

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    • The Kremlin Gremlin is no doubt upset he can’t appoint Ukrainian presidents anymore. That’s why everyone else NOT appointed by the Gremlin is “a puppet for the US.” He has always assumed the US is doing the same thing he’s doing. Ditto Ukrainians being paid to freeze their asses off for 3 months during the 2013-2014 winter. Funny a million Ukrainians participated and not one video of anyone getting paid…like they do in Moskovia.

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  2. “For the regime of Vladimir Putin, the threat is Ukrainian democracy…”
    That’s something we’ve mentioned numerous times. Mafia land is afraid of a successful Ukraine. This could be a much bigger reason for the Ruskies to hit the streets than a NATO membership of Ukraine or a few NATO troops in the country. The runt knows that. Destabilizing Ukraine is the ultimate goal and that’s a major reason why he so desperately wanted NSII. Occupying Ukraine would only be the topping on his cake.

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