What is the take of the newly relaunched Kyiv Post on the Biden-Putin “summit”, compared to that of its new rival; The Kyiv Independent?


Biden Stood Up to the Putin Bully


What we know about Biden-Putin call on threatening invasion of Ukraine

How did the KP owner spin the reasons behind the relaunch?

Justice, Democracy, and Free Speech: The Kyiv Post According to Publisher Adnan Kivan


    • The problem with idiots like Biden, is they have opposed the military all their lives and refused to put their oewn body on the line for their country. They simply were cowards and they show it in their dealings in international relations as well. The result is, nothing they do is ever truly a threat to the opposition and the opposition is well aware of their cowardice and stupidity.

      On the other hand, you have idiots like McCain who was simply a knee jerk. People like him really don’t scare anyone either as they are incompetent and the opposition knows it.


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