Tucker Carlson accused the GOP of trying to goad the US into war with Russia, the day after he took Putin’s side on Ukraine

Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused part of the Republican Party of seeking to goad the US into military confrontation with Russia.

Carlson’s claim was part of a series of sympathetic arguments he made as Russia conducts a military buildup along its border with Ukraine, sparking fears of a conflict.

The host claimed Tuesday that Russia actions were a defensive response to NATO aggression, drawing accusations that he was pushing Kremlin propaganda.

On Wednesday night’s edition of his show he turned his attention to those in the US he claimed are seeking to push the Biden administration towards conflict. 

“It’s almost impossible to believe, but we actually are moving closer to a hot war with Russia,” said Carlson, claiming “you could wake up one morning and it’s 1914,” referencing the year that World War I broke out in Europe. 

“Republicans are doing nothing to stop this,” Carlson said. “In fact, they’re egging the weak and incompetent president on to do more. ‘Oh, Biden is weak. He’s not standing up against Vladimir Putin!'”

“You’re hearing that constantly, including on this channel from Republicans. And the rhetoric is getting hotter and crazier and more disconnected from reality.”

Carlson played a clip of Republican Mississippi Sen. Robert Wicker, a member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, who said on Fox News on Tuesday that the US should consider deploying troops, or even making a nuclear strike in response to Russian aggression against Ukraine. 

The host went on to question how a conflict with Russia would serve US national interests. 

In pushing his “America First” brand of conservatism, and opposing US military actions abroad, Carlson has long been accused of excessive sympathy to Putin’s Russia. 

The Russian leader has become an unlikely hero for some on the US right, who celebrate his nationalism and see him as a champion of Christianity.

Earlier this year, Carlson claimed he had been hacked by the NSA after seeking to contact people in Putin’s circle for a potential interview with the Russian leader. 

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  1. This traitor to democracy is burning a lot of bridges in the US, I hope Putler is paying him well. First he attacks Biden as being weak, then he attacks GOP for standing up to Russia. He finally shown his true colours with his loyalty to Putler and his terrorist state.

    His fellow traitor Tulsi Gabbard was also on Fox whining about the US standing up to Russia, no surprises there.

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  2. What a crybaby! If you want freedom and domination, you need a spine. This Tucker fucker is an excellent example of what the United States does not need. He should go fuck himself and realize what a sorry piece of shit he is.

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      • He can’t beat Cruz. Too many in the party have enough of Trump. Trump once said about my man, John McCain, that he only respects winners, not losers who got captured. I would say this rule also applies to Trump himself. He lost. End of story.

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  3. There is a coordinated effort by the kremkrappers to come to the aid of Scumsucker Karlsonov. American Thinker, which should be renamed putlerstani thinker, has already come up with two articles that a) express loathing and contempt for Ukraine and b) unwavering support for putler and his butt boy Karlsonov.

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  4. “The Russian leader has become an unlikely hero for some on the US right, who celebrate his nationalism and see him as a champion of Christianity.”
    Exactly right. They absolutely do. Carlson, Savage, the Pauls, Alex Jones etc, have their analogues in Britain: Peter Hitchens and Nigel Farage on the right, with Seumas Milne, Corbyn, Galloway etc on the left.
    I had an exchange with a well known far right guy named Paul Weston, on TCM. He was a KremKip guy who went to Pegida, then Liberty GB and has now joined another far right outfit : For Britain. All far right parties worldwide grovel to fuhrer putler, with the honourable exception of Poland’s PiS.
    Weston, unlike most far right trash, is cultured, intelligent and will listen to a logical argument. He stated that he believes that putler is a Christian who is standing up for Christian values (as he sees them). I pointed out that he murders Christians in huge numbers and is a Godless Marxist-Leninist turned fascist. For proof I sent him a link about atrocities committed by the putinazis in Crimea and Donbas, including the torturing to death of a 16 year old boy in Donbas for the “crime” of carrying a sports bag with the Ukrainian flag on it. It outlined the pain those savages inflicted on him and his mother. (His name is Stepan Chubenko and his story can be seen on Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group).
    I did not succeed in converting the guy, but nevertheless he took my points on board.

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  5. Anyone that supports Putin in any way is being horrifically stupid. I pay little attention to Carlson anymore, even though he is good on many things. The problem is, will he betray those stands when the opportunity arises.

    At present, the US is in a very bad situation economically. The scamdemic has been used to place people in places that are inimical to anyone’s interests, including the US’s. We should be helping Ukraine stock weapons, particularly anti-aircraft missiles and Man Pads. Both would render Russia’s aviation edge nugatory. add in plenty of anti-tank weapons, and Ukraine can become utterly indigestible.

    Keeping Russia chasing its tail would be a good idea. Russia is declining economically, and oil prices have crashed internationally again. Making Putin eat his seed corn would stall anything he would like to do. He does not have the money to moblize and that is what he would have to do to actually invade Russia. Keeping things that way is a must as his economy continues decline.

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