Russia Angered by Senator Roger Wicker’s Nuclear Strike Remarks on Ukraine

Russia has condemned GOP Senator Roger Wicker for suggesting that the U.S. should consider launching a nuclear strike to defend Ukraine.

The Russian embassy in Washington also hinted that Wicker was championing businesses in his home state of Mississippi when he called for U.S. military intervention over Moscow’s buildup of troops close to the Ukrainian border.

Wicker provoked the stern Russian response after telling Fox News host Neil Cavuto: “I would not rule out American troops on the ground. We don’t rule out first-use nuclear action.”

In a statement on its Facebook page, which has been reported by Russian media, Moscow’s mission in the U.S. said: “Such statements are irresponsible.”

The embassy added: “We advise all the unenlightened to pick up and carefully acquaint themselves with the joint statement of the presidents of Russia and the United States of June 16, 2021″—a reference to the Geneva summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

“This document confirms the commitment of the two countries to the principle that there can be no winners in a nuclear war,” the statement said.

The embassy also pointed out a number of military-industrial companies—such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and General Atomics—have offices in Wicker’s home state.

“It raises the question, whose interests are promoted by the senator calling for war—the Ukrainians or the U.S. military-industrial complex?”

The statement added that “long-term security guarantees” between the U.S. and Russia required “a demonstration of readiness to compromise. It is unlikely that Roger Wicker’s ill-considered statements will help us get out of the current acute phase of Russian-American relations.”

Although he stopped short of advocating a nuclear option, Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) has also called for more military support to be provided to the Ukrainian army than was made available in 2014, when Russia occupied Crimea.

“This should include anti-air, anti-tank and counter-artillery weapons,” Inhofe said in a statement, as the Biden administration and its Western allies consider how to respond to fears that Moscow is planning an assault on eastern Ukraine.

Russia has said it will not attack Ukraine and Putin has accused Ukraine of provocation. The Russian president also wants guarantees from his U.S. counterpart about eastward NATO expansion.

On Tuesday, the presidents held virtual talks after which the White House said it would look at economic sanctions, additional troop deployments to NATO allies in the region and more defence equipment for Kyiv, in order to deter Moscow.

Biden also said on Wednesday that putting American troops on the ground in Ukraine was “not on the table,” particularly without the support of NATO allies.

The tone of the comments by Wicker and other U.S. lawmakers has also been criticized by Tucker Carlson.

The Fox News anchor said on Tuesday that Wicker’s remark about nuclear weapons “is so crazy, that no one seems aware of how crazy it is.”

Newsweek has contacted Senator Wicker’s office for comment.

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  1. “In a statement on its Facebook page, which has been reported by Russian media, Moscow’s mission in the U.S. said: “Such statements are irresponsible.”

    I don’t recall Muscovy saying too much when Putler’s mouthpiece Kiselyov, was threatening to turn the US into radioactive dust, or Putler bragging about his super duper invincible nukes that could reach the US in 3 seconds, undetected.

    Wicker certainly got the attention of the mafia state, to remind dwarfy & co, that not only Russia has nukes.

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  2. It was obvious that the putinazis would react when their own threat bombs were lobbed back at them.
    If only this excellent senator had a huge support base to dwarf the Putin-loving Trump wing!

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      • Firstly, Biden is infinitely worse than Trump. I don’t believe the nazi rodent would be limbering up for an invasion if Trump was still in power, primarily because the GOP has people of quality and integrity, whereas the Dems have next to zero. But there is indeed a Trump wing of the GOP and its members are pro-Russia, but more importantly contemptuous of Ukraine.
        Trump has been cultivated as a Russian asset since the 1980’s, when he first visited with his Czech wife. That isn’t unusual; the KGB have always had talent spotters for that specific purpose. The young Dave Cameron, who had a slightly effeminate look in those days, was targeted on a holiday in Crimea with a gay honeytrap. Who knows what might have happened if they had known that he was a keen pussy grabber like Trump? Actually nothing, because he had and has integrity. He was the first to condemn putler in 2008 when he was in opposition. In fact he traveled to Georgia privately and lobbied for and got humanitarian relief for putler’s displaced refugees in Georgia. In 2014, he and Bill Hague lobbied Obama for military support for Ukraine. He failed, but did send more comprehensive non-lethal support than anyone else.
        There is something in Trump’s makeup that excuses and admires murderous dictators. How else can you explain his praise for the Korean fat kid? Trump is the first (and hopefully the last) US president in history to repeatedly praise a fascist dictator like putler.
        Red, have you ever wondered why Trump surrounds himself exclusively with putler grovelers? Name even one friend, business associate, media associate, political associate or family member who is not a putlerite? Why are his closest, most trusted, most long serving friends all putlerites? Why does he reserve his most extreme hatred and contempt exclusively for anti-putler politicians? Why are his biggest fans in the media all raging putlerites without exception? I don’t need to list them all; there are so many. He just hired another putlerite btw; Devin Nunes, for his media business.
        I will give you just one exception : Mark Levin, who used to work for Reagan. Now he does indeed correctly describe Putler as a fascist. But he’s the only one! Unfortunately, he does also use the term “Russia hoax” to claim that Russia did not interfere in 2016, even though the Feds and CIA have overwhelming evidence that it did.
        No doubt you saw yourself the TV images of senior putlerite politicians, such as Zhirininovsky, in Moscow popping champagne corks when Trump won?
        No doubt you saw Trump endorsing the theft of Crimea to Stephanopoulos? He never walked that one back. No doubt you saw the records of private conversations with the likes of Kurt Volker, John Bolton etc, where Trump badly disparaged Ukraine?
        Trump was asked on camera if Ukraine should join Nato. His answer was “I don’t care.”
        No doubt you saw the efforts of Giuliani and Hannity to promote the absurd conspiracy theory that it was Ukraine, not Russia, that interfered in 2016? Trump most certainly believes it to this day.
        I do not claim that Trump is evil, like Carlson, who definitely is. Nor do I claim he is a Russian agent, as the Pauls certainly are. He is something different; a putler fan definitely. But what else I don’t know.
        As previously stated, from the UK perspective, I have no complaints whatsoever about him. I would be happy for him to be re-elected were it not for this inexplicable, disturbing and frankly un-American quirk of his regarding all things Russia.


  3. That’s so funny. A Senator uses the same language as the mafiosi and the mafiosi promptly burst out in tears. I am always glad when mafia land is angered.

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