Biden announced NATO talks with Russia and promised not to send American troops to Ukraine

The United States has begun preparations for negotiations between NATO countries and Russia. This was stated by American President Joe Biden, reports CNN.

“We hope to be able to announce a high-level meeting by Friday, not just with us, but with at least four of our top NATO allies, and with Russia,” Biden said.

The meeting is planned to discuss Russia’s concerns about NATO’s eastward expansion and measures to reduce tensions on the “eastern front,” the US president said.

He stressed that the United States will not send its troops to Ukraine if Russia attacks it. Instead, US officials will respond with sanctions that Putin has “not seen before.”

“This [bringing US troops into Ukraine] is not being considered. We have a moral and legal obligation to our NATO allies if attacked. This obligation does not apply to Ukraine, ”Biden said.

On December 7, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden held talks via video link. They mainly discussed the build-up of Russian troops near the borders of Ukraine. Biden warned Putin about “decisive economic and other measures” in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin replied that NATO was making “dangerous attempts to conquer Ukrainian territory,” and demanded guarantees that would rule out the bloc’s expansion to the east.

The US State Department has stated that in the event of military aggression against Ukraine, Russia will face sanctions, which would mean complete isolation of the country from the global financial system.

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  1. ‘We have a moral and legal obligation to our NATO allies if attacked. This obligation does not apply to Ukraine, ”Biden said.’

    Thanks to all Biden supporters for this! FUCK YOU ALL!!!

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    • Vladolf wanted a chance to destroy NATO and now Mr. Magoo is giving him that chance. Vladolf will want ridiculous guarantees and you can bet Germany and France will do it but no way in hell the Baltic countries will do it. Voila…

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      • The high-heeled pedophile prays every day to his god (whatever that may be), thanking it for giving him almost nothing but morons to deal with in the West and prays to his god to keep away another Reagan or Thatcher (maybe Boris could eventually fill the bill for a Thatcher?)

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