The head of the Aeroflot office in Crimea committed suicide

The head of the Crimean representative office of Aeroflot, Robert Valeev, committed suicide. The death of Valeev, about which the telegram channels initially wrote, was confirmed by the press service of the airline and the head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

“This is an unexpected tragedy and a great loss for the company. We ask you to understand that at present we are forced to refrain from any comments – for ethical reasons and in the interests of the investigation. To obtain information, you must contact the law enforcement agencies, ” RIA Novosti quotes the commentary of the Aeroflot press service.

Sergei Aksenov, in turn, said that he knew about the death of the head of the Aeroflot representative office, but he did not have the details of what happened.

According to Baza and Mash, Valeev committed suicide in the workplace on Sunday, December 5. “Mash on the Wave” writes that Valeev asked in advance to turn off the CCTV cameras in the office and left a suicide note in which “he said goodbye to his family and accused two people in his decision who wanted to split Aeroflot’s budget with the help of the Crimean head.”

Baza, in turn, reports that before he committed suicide, Valeev was supposed to fly to Moscow to meet with Gennady Bocharnikov, director of the Aeroflot branch and representative office management department. According to the Telegram channel, Valeev assumed that they were going to fire him.

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