On the eve of the talks between Putin and Biden, Peskov compared Russian-American relations with the Augean stables

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov compared the relations between Russia and the United States with the Augean stables and expressed the opinion that breakthroughs can hardly be expected from the upcoming talks between the presidents of the two countries.

“We have such huge Augean stables in our bilateral relations now that it is hardly possible to clear them out in a few hours of conversation,” Peskov said on Channel One (quoted by TASS).

“It is very important here not to indulge in any such exalted, emotional expectations,” added Peskov.

At the same time, he noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin would “with great interest” listen to the proposals of the US leader Joe Biden on resolving the crisis around Russian-Ukrainian relations.

“There is only one way to relieve tension – to understand how to insure against the possible intentions of Kiev to solve the problem of Donbass by force,” Peskov said.

Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden will hold talks in the format of a video call on December 7 . For this , a closed video communication line, which was previously inactive , will be used .

In the West, in recent weeks, they have been reporting another build-up of Russian troops on the borders with Ukraine. According to Western media sources, Russia is planning an invasion of Ukraine in early 2022.

In November, Putin said Russia had succeeded in creating “a certain amount of tension” in the West, noting that Western countries were usually “superficial” about Moscow’s warnings not to cross the “red lines.” Biden replied that he did not recognize any red lines.

Previous talks between Putin and Biden took place in June 2021 in Geneva. Then the leaders of the two countries met in person. This meeting also took place shortly after the West announced that Russia was pulling troops to the Ukrainian borders.

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  1. Like those stables he mentioned, Pest-cough is always full of shit. He never says anything useful. He is not only a smelly, steaming pile of dung but also an oxygen thief. That also goes for every other member of the crime syndicate. Having a talk with any one of those morons is a total waste of time. But, as usual, Biden is always ready to lower himself for worthless things.

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  2. “There is only one way to relieve tension – to understand how to insure against the possible intentions of Kiev to solve the problem of Donbass by force,” Peskov said.

    Get your diapers ready, Ukraine will get back the occupied Donbas, since most of the locals have the fuck enough of living in a shithole! 🇺🇦

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