UkSATSE will start working next year on the concept of flexible airspace

From the middle of 2022, the State Air Traffic Services Enterprise (UkSATSE) plans to move to the Free Route Airspace concept in the single Ukrainian airspace.

Free Route Airspace is an airspace within which users are free to plan a route between a set entry and exit point.

“Starting from December 2 this year, we are introducing the so-called Free Route Airspace in the Simferopol region of flight information – we give additional flexibility to users in planning the best routes. And starting in the middle of next year, we will make a single airspace unit that will be absolutely flexible for all airlines, “said Andriy Yarmak, chairman of the company, during the forum” Big Construction: Aviation and Tourism. “

According to him, UkSATSE plans to review the current restricted area in eastern Ukraine depending on its security situation, which will also allow the construction of new airports near the ATO area.

In addition, according to Yarmak, air traffic in the Simferopol area of ​​flight information has tripled since June 2021, and this is just the beginning.

Currently, this area of ​​flight information is used in particular by airlines such as Luftganza, WizzAir, flydubai and others


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