US intelligence: Russia plans to involve about 175 thousand troops in a new offensive against Ukraine

The expansion of military force took place against the backdrop of Russian demands for guarantees of Ukraine’s non-entry into NATO.The movement of 100 battalion tactical groups is planned / Photo: REUTERSThe movement of 100 battalion tactical groups is planned / Photo: REUTERS

US intelligence officials have determined that Russia is planning a possible invasion of Ukraine from multiple fronts as early as 2022. According to preliminary estimates, about 175 thousand Russian military personnel will be involved in this.

This is reported by AP with reference to an informed representative of the Biden Administration.

The expansion of military force took place against the backdrop of Russian demands for guarantees of Ukraine’s non-entry into NATO.

It is planned to move 100 battalion tactical groups along with armored vehicles, artillery, etc. This is confirmed by the data of the reconnaissance document, which is at the disposal of WP .

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine clarified that the offensive is likely to occur at the end of January .

Biden says that Russia at the same time posted on the pages of the press ordered materials from sponsored authors to denigrate Ukraine and its ambitions to join the alliance.

The intelligence was handed over to Biden on the evening of December 3. On Friday, the American head also issued a statement on the preparation of a “package of initiatives” that would restrain the aggressive plans of the Kremlin.

US officials and former US diplomats say that while Putin is clearly laying the groundwork for a possible invasion, the Ukrainian military is better armed and trained today than in previous years, and the sanctions that the West threatens Russia will seriously damage the Russian economy.

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  1. Ukraine is not Georgia or Moldova and certainly not the same Ukraine from 2014. Ukraine’s army has swelled to a quarter-million men and women with a reserve of around 900,000. Mafia land is ready to receive a very bloody nose. And even if things turn out to favor mafia land in an eventual military conflict, it will most definitely be a Pyrrhic victory. Even the most ardent putler boot lickers will be forced to re-think their love affair with the gutter rat because they could very well be next in line. This could finally unite the entire free world to smash mafia land with truly crippling sanctions. In addition, such a massive military effort would leave the rest of mafia land severely exposed to hostile nations. In particular, bat virus land would be happy about this. Who knows of all the potential negative ramifications this would bring to mafia land. At this point, there are no gains to be seen by such an effort.

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  2. Time for Washington to prepare our Air Force and Navy for military assistance to Ukraine. Nazi style invasions must be met with an iron fist. Stop fear-mongering about WWIII, it will never happen since RuSSia can’t win it! 🇺🇸🇺🇦🇩🇰

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