Ten reasons why i’m not popular


1. I’m not gay

2. I’m not a lunatic

3. I support Ukraine, not RuSSia

4. I always tell the truth (mostly)

5. I’m not afraid of WWWIII

6. I drink, and i’m not ashamed of it

7. I have a healthy sexuality

8. I favor an Empire for good

9. I believe in Jesus

10. I love Ukraine


  1. Not to forget that i don’t believe in current Corona vaccines. It will take years to develop a working vaccine. Until then wear an mask, and don’t forget to cover your nose. Vaccines as of today are useless. Even worse, since vaccinated folks refused to wear a mask the virus became resistant to the vaccines and will make all vaccinated folks sick who don’t wear masks.

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  2. All sounding like reasons why you SHOULD be popular! I agree with you about the covid paranoia. I know it’s not a “fake” virus like some people claim, because I’d experienced all of the initial symptoms in March 2020, including one I’d never had during several times I’d had the flu. But the mighty and mystical secret to my recovery without hospitalization? Non-prescription, multi-symptom Robitussin brand cough syrup, cod liver oil, and LOTS of bedrest. Before that, I was stuck with coughing for a week and a half. Then after trying out the over-the-counter solution, I was already starting to feel better by the weekend. After next week, I’d recovered completely, and haven’t been sick since. Natural immunity?

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    • It will take years until a truly working vaccine is out. Until then wearing a mask is the best protection for all, vaccinated or not. Vaccinated folks currently keep spreading the disease, which is immune to vaccines, by not wearing masks. The illusion of a wonder-vaccine that would allow us to return to normality is the core failure.

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      • A working vaccine will probably never happen. Look at flu vaccines. One average they aren’t even 50% effective. Of late, they’ve been averaging around 15%. None of the flu vaccines are mRNA, which are quite dangerous as we are seeing with the coof. The best thing is to use a weak variant and expose as many to it as possible. Data suggests the omicron variant will yield natural immunity to all the variants out there. The unvaccinated show few or no symptoms. The vaccinated show mild symptoms.

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