Rosstat: 74,893 people with coronavirus died in Russia in October. This is a new high since the start of the pandemic.

In October, 74,893 people died in Russia, who were diagnosed with coronavirus. This was reported by Rosstat .

In 68,734 deaths, COVID-19 was, exactly or presumably, the leading cause of death. In 1,141 people, it contributed to the appearance of complications that hastened death. In 5018 patients, it “did not affect the onset of death.”

As noted by RBC, in October, the official number of deaths from COVID-19 as the main cause and the overall mortality among coronavirus patients became the maximum in a month since the beginning of the pandemic (data for November have not yet been released).

The previous official high was recorded in July 2021. Then in Russia, 50,421 people died with coronavirus in a month. Of these, 44,128 people had COVID-19, either accurately or presumably as the leading cause of death.

Taking into account the October data for the entire time of the pandemic in Russia, almost 538 thousand people with coronavirus died, in more than 460 thousand of them the infection became the direct cause of death.

In reality, it is likely that even more people have died from the coronavirus: official statistics regularly do not take into account the number of deaths and recoveries. Excess mortality in October exceeded 100 thousand: and this is also a record value since the beginning of the epidemic. In total, since the beginning of the epidemic, the excess mortality rate has amounted to almost a million people.

Due to the worsening epidemiological situation throughout Russia, a non-working week was announced in early November. In mid-November, the government submitted to the State Duma a bill on the mandatory use of QR codes in transport and in public places. The authorities explained this by the need to fight the coronavirus. The bill drew criticism in the society .

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