Excess mortality in Russia during the pandemic has reached a million people By this indicator, we are ahead of the United States

In October in Russia, for the first time since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, excess mortality exceeded 100 thousand people. This conclusion is made by scientists after processing Rosstat data on mortality in October, published on December 3. In total, from April 2020 to early November 2021, excess mortality (probably, it fully or almost completely corresponds to deaths from covid) approached a million people. Most likely , in November, the mortality record was updated, and the number of “excess deaths” during the epidemic has already exceeded a million. Russia in terms of the absolute number of deaths bypassed the United States and came into second place in the world.

Why is excess mortality data important?

There are several types of coronavirus mortality statistics in Russia. 

  • There is an operational database, Stopkoronavirus.rf, open to the public, where, according to officials, only those who have died with a diagnosis of coronavirus go, which was confirmed by the test. The data on deaths in it are radically underestimated, and in different regions this underestimation can differ significantly, which speaks not just of mistakes, but of manipulations. Even Vladimir Putin acknowledges the problem , who recently called on regional leaders to stop embellishing the picture of the epidemic. 
  • Rosstat, approximately 40 days after the end of each month, publishes data on deaths diagnosed with coronavirus. These data include those who were posthumously diagnosed with coronavirus infection. In these data, there are more deaths from coronavirus than in the Stopkoronavirus.ru database. However, even this figure seems to be underestimated in most regions.
  • As a source at the headquarters for the fight against coronavirus told Meduza in the fall of 2020, federal officials are guided not by data from closed or open databases, but by data on excess mortality. They can be calculated on the basis of data on total mortality that Rosstat collects (according to information from registry offices that issue death certificates) and publishes (with the same delay of 40 days). According to the source, excess mortality is the only reliable source of information about the development of the epidemic. In Moscow, which has regularly published a report on the causes of excess mortality since the beginning of the epidemic, it is all due precisely to the deaths of people diagnosed with coronavirus. A more detailed explanation of why excess mortality is the most reliable indicator can be found here .

(c)MEDUZA 2021

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  1. Given the state of sanitation in much of Russia a million deaths is not out of range of expectation. Throw in the general incompetence of the so-called authorities, and you get a perfect storm.

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