“We lay on the cold floor for 40 minutes.” A priest from Kaluga told how the police broke into a conference of Protestant churches

In the town of Ramenskoye near Moscow, police came to the New Generation pastor conference of Protestant churches. About this writes “OVD-Info” with reference to the  video of the pastor from Kaluga Albert Ratkin.

According to Ratkin, the conference was attended by between 100 and 200 people – representatives of both registered and unregistered religious organizations.

“The riot police flew in with machine guns. They laid them face down like criminals. Someone got beat up, guitar guy. <…> We lay on the cold floor for 40 minutes, ”Ratkin read eyewitness reports.

According to him, the conference participants were rewritten, fingerprinted and persuaded to declare that the conference “supposedly was an election of a new leadership.”

At least some of the conference participants were detained. Later Ratkin reported that the detainees were being released.

In August 2021, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office declared the New Generation churches in Latvia and Ukraine “undesirable”.

In 2017, the Russian Supreme Court declared Jehovah’s Witnesses an “extremist organization” and banned its activities in Russia. After that, hundreds of believers became involved in criminal cases. 

(c)MEDUZA 2021

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