Kiev residential complexes became winners of the prestigious European Property Awards 2021-2022


RC “Goloseevsky” and RC “Parkovye Ozera” were awarded a prestigious award – European Property Awards. The award is part of the International Property Awards, the world’s most respected competition for evaluating residential and commercial real estate projects.

The nominations in which the capital complexes won, Apartment / Condominium ( RC “Goloseevsky” ) and Residential high-rise development ( RC “Parkovye Ozera” ). The expert jury highly appreciated the ergonomics of the layouts and non-standard architectural solutions of the projects.

The European Property Awards can be compared to the Oscars. This is the most prestigious European award, for which a property must undergo a thorough review by a team of reputable experts, representatives of the international development and architectural community. The winners are the best projects that can be considered examples of quality, innovation and ergonomics.

The developer of both complexes is the Intergal-Bud company, whose projects have won international awards not for the first time.

(C)UNIAN 2021

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