A former member of the pro-Russian “Motherland” who sent titushki to the Maidan and who was kidnapped by Sternenko became the deputy of the trade department of the Odessa mayor’s office

And about. Deputy of the municipal administration for the development of the consumer market and protection of consumer rights became the deputy of the Fontansky village council from the party “Trust Deeds”, a former member of the pro-Russian “Rodina” Sergei Shcherbich, who appears as a victim in one of the “Sternenko cases.”

As the “Dumskaya” was informed in the mayor’s office, the corresponding order was signed on November 22, but it became known about it only today.  

Previously, he headed the department of housing and communal services of the Black Sea OTG.

It was Shcherbich who, we recall, was kidnapped in April 2015 by the then leader of the Odessa Right Sector Sergei Sternenko. This year, the latter was found guilty of this crime (the verdict entered into force), but was released from punishment due to the expiration of the statute of limitations. Sternenko was also charged with a robbery against Shcherbich, but under this article of the Criminal Code (187th) the activist was acquitted by the appeal instance.

At the time of the abduction, Sergei Shcherbich was the director of the Fontansky House of Culture. Earlier, he headed the Kominternovskaya regional organization of the Rodina party, was a member of the district council from her. During the Revolution of Dignity, according to media reports, he brought mercenaries to Kiev to provide military support for the Yanukovych regime.

“In general, he has only an indirect relationship to Rodina,” says our source in political circles. – Shcherbich has always been Udalov’s man (Sergei Udalov is the head of the Black Sea Council, – Ed.), Who is a friend and partner of Gennady Trukhanov, they seem to have studied together at an art school. In the 2010 local elections, Rodina leader Igor Markov sold his lists in the Odessa suburbs to Trust Deeds. So Shcherbich became a “native”. Actually, he sent the titushki to the Maidan not on the orders of Markov, but on the instructions of the then people’s deputy from the Suvorov district of Odessa. “

Recall that at the end of October, acting Irina Yastremskaya, an ex-tax officer and aunt of a famous tennis player, became the head of the trade department .


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