“Power lives in a ghostly fog of illusion”: Poroshenko harshly criticized the draft State Budget for 2022 

Petro Poroshenko, the fifth president of Ukraine, leader of the European Solidarity party, subjected the draft State Budget for 2022 to harsh criticism.

He made a corresponding statement from the rostrum of parliament during the plenary session on December 2.

The fifth president noted that the authors of the project did not provide funding for the large-scale promises that Volodymyr Zelenskyy generously distributed in his message to the Verkhovna Rada.

“There is no trace of what Zelensky said yesterday in the budget. Neither spending on economic passports of Ukrainians, nor 30 billion for “big thermo-modernization,” Poroshenko said. – It seems that we live in different countries. The people live in conditions of low vaccination, record mortality, in conditions of underfunding of the State Defense Order, non-indexation of pensions, non-indexation of salaries. And the power lives in a ghostly fog of illusions. “


Poroshenko noted that international financial institutions have already revised the forecast for Ukraine’s GDP downward.

“At the equator, no one hopes for a miracle. But we put forward only the most important requirements to protect people. The first is subsidies. We need to protect local communities, compensate and save local self-government and give subsidies to people according to a simple formula, ”Poroshenko says. – It is necessary at least to comply with the law on a gradual increase in teachers’ salaries. At least compensate for the indexation. “

Also, according to Poroshenko, in the main financial document there is no mention of an increase in salaries for doctors. If the government wants to fulfill this promise of Zelensky, it needs to add another 50 billion, says the fifth president.

“23 billion – and we demand it – needs to be added to pensioners for indexation,” notes the leader of Eurosolidarity.


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