Putin: Russia wants legal guarantees of NATO’s eastward non-expansion

Putin offered to start negotiations to resolve this issue

Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested starting negotiations on guarantees of NATO’s eastward non-expansion as RBK reported.

According to Putin, Moscow needs legal guarantees, since “Western colleagues did not fulfill their respective oral obligations.”

He noted that Russia intends to seek “reliable and long-term security guarantees” and in negotiations with the United States and its allies will “insist on the elaboration of specific agreements, excluding any NATO advance to the east.”

“Everyone is aware of the oral assurances given that NATO will not expand eastward,” Putin said, but, according to him, everything was done exactly the opposite.

The President stressed that “legitimate Russian security concerns” were ignored and are still being ignored.

Earlier, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stated that the expansion of NATO military infrastructure on the territory of Ukraine might become the red line for Russia.

As we reported, the US Department of Defense has decided to increase the number of its soldiers in Germany, lifting the 25,000-man limit, which was introduced by Trump.

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  1. According to Putin, Moscow needs legal guarantees, since “Western colleagues did not fulfill their respective oral obligations.”

    Well Putler, no oral or otherwise, guarantees ever existed, that was stated by Gorbachov a few years ago. NATO expansion was never even discussed.

    Let’s get onto a real document signed by NATO and Russia in 1997, called the NATO/Russia founding act. The first section is very interesting, but you prefer myths than facts.

    “Section I lays out the principles governing the relationship, e.g., restatement of the norms of international conduct in the UN Charter and OSCE Helsinki Final Act and explicit commitments, such as respecting the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of states and settling disputes peacefully.”

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    • Bingo! Besides, nobody in their right mind would enter an agreement or treaty with Putin, he has never kept his part of the deal and he reads everything upside down.
      NATO should say something though, like an ultimatum. Make it simple and write it in Crayons with bright colors. Start with more sanctions, an embargo and removal from SWIFT and give each point a timeline. Then it is Short the Shirtless’ move.

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      • I prefer to hammer the fucker with sanctions, then spell it out slowly, that sanctions will be removed little by little as he complies with international law.

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  2. This the nazi rodent’s gambit for a Yalta-type sit down. O’Bidenov might even buy it. I hope not.
    Nothing to negotiate. Except: get out of all the lands you occupy. Forever. Pay full reparations. Give up fascist imperialism.
    Then we can all sit down together. Russian people will finally become wealthy because business will start flowing in like no tomorrow. All you have to do then is FOAD eh putler?

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  3. I guarantee Ukraine will join Nato. Ukraine is an independent nation and can decide on her own where she will go and what unions, alliances she will join. Putin has a few screws loose…

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