Lukashenko pledges to win Ukraine back

MINSK, 1 December (BelTA) – I will never be on the side of frenzy nationalists in Ukraine, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said in an interview with Dmitry Kiselyov, Director General of the Russian state news agency MIA Rossiya Segodnya, BelTA has learned.

“I will never be on the side of those frenzy nationalists that we see in Ukraine today. I will do everything possible to win Ukraine back. This is our Ukraine. Ukrainians are our kith and kin. These are not just emotions. This is my strong belief,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

“If Russia faces an aggression from Ukraine, we will stand by Russia, legally, economically, politically. Legally is the main word here,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

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  1. “If Russia faces an aggression from Ukraine, we will stand by Russia, legally, economically, politically. Legally is the main word here,”

    Says the illegal President of Belarus.

    • A creature who is lower than vermin.
      Off topic:
      In the DT today is an article :

      “F-35 fighter jet that plunged into the sea is found”.

      It contains an interesting quote from a guy I must admit I had never heard of : Sir Stephen Lovegrove, National Security Adviser. (Their spelling). His title sounds like a US title. I must try to find out more about him. He was talking about the recovery of the aircraft, but someone asked him about Ukraine. Here’s an extract:

      “There will ‘never be a good time’ for Ukraine invasion.”

      Sir Stephen was also questioned about fears that Russia could be planning an imminent invasion of Ukraine.

      “What I would say to anybody in Russia considering this is there is never going to be a good time to make an incursion into Ukraine,” he said.

      “They should not make the mistake of interpreting a withdrawal from Afghanistan as a lack of willingness on the part of Western allies to stand up for sovereign democracies, wherever they are in the world but certainly in mainland Europe.

      “I am aware that Russian actions sometimes seem to be driven by an opportunistic type of motivation, and I would counsel them very, very clearly not to fall into that trap now.

      “I can absolutely assure the committee and my Russian counterpart that there will be considerably more activity than a mere condemnation.”

      • He obviously knows more about what’s going on behind the scenes than we do. The US and UK have the means to destroy Russia economically, and a few words in Russian ears to that effect, would work wonders. Unless Putler really has gone over the edge, and will risk everything in a failed attempt to restore the USSR.

        • Of course putler gets another nice result here, because he’s realised that by putting troops on the border, the subject of sanctions to remove his nazi regime from Crimea and Donbas gets deferred in favour of sanctions that may or may not be imposed IF he decides on another invasion.
          The arsehole can carry on like that indefinitely; keeping the allies on the back foot.
          That putler brown nosing little scrote Farage has a 2 hour interview tonight with Trump on GBN. I’ve got better things to do than sit through that backslapping shitshow, but I will skim through the rerun tomorrow for any interesting topics. My expectation is that Ukraine will not feature in it, by mutual agreement of these putler-lovers and the channel.

          • I wish the West would just remove Russia from SWIFT, arrest all their assets in the West, then take it from there. Leave Putler no other option but to remove his trash from Donbas and Crimea. Threatening Putler with sanctions or other half arsed statements isn’t going to work. Everyone knows what should be done, but no fucker wants to do it. The sanctions threatened by the Krauts and Biden, should Putler use gas as a weapon was exposed after a few weeks as meaningless.

    • “This is our Ukraine.”
      Now Lukashenko has fallen right in line with other fascists such as Hitler and Putler. My his outlook has changed since he lost the election, and changed for the worst.

        • I think Zelensky missed an opportunity to drive a wedge between Lukashenko and Putin. He could have tried to facilitate meetings between loser Luka and the Opposition. That would have taken Putin out of the equation or at least postponed the demise of Belarus.

    • Yeah. Here is a little excerpt from an article from Germany stating reasons why the US shouldn’t sanction Nord Stream. Makes you want to puke.

      “Arguments include: that doing so will “weaken” U.S. credibility and “ultimately damage transatlantic unity,” that if Russia commits “further aggressive acts around Ukraine” Germany would take steps at the national level, including “strong public messages” condemning Russia’s behavior; “assessing” the suspension of future political meetings; and reviewing “possible” restrictions on future Russian fossil fuel projects — not including Nord Stream 2.”

      • I think the true reason the pipe was laid and attached to Germany’s ass is that Putin planned a full scale invasion into Ukraine and is aware of the fact that such war would interrupt the gas flow to the eurotrash zone. And Germany is all in on this. Don’t expect a collaborateur to aid Ukraine. Only Washington can arm/defend Ukraine and stop NS2 once and for all.

          • The US is more than one filthy hair-sniffing mummy. We have a Congress and Senate. We could even impeach Biden over Ukraine. Definitely there is no time to wait until 2024. It seems soon the Dems will lose the Congress and Senate. The bigger problem is not Joe, it is Trump. His bullshit must be cleaned from the Republican Party asap! No Putin-lovers allowed!

        • If Ukraine is invaded, taking out any of Russia’s pipelines is fairly simply and easily done. Enough damage can be done that it would take years to fix. It might better to simply lay a new pipeline.

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