Bellingcat’s chief investigator talks about Kremlin’s “death list”

The Kremlin’s “death list” is long, the journalist noted.There is a state machine of death in Russia, and there is a "death list", the journalist shared / photo ReutersThere is a state machine of death in Russia, and there is a “death list”, the journalist shared / photo Reuters

Hristo Grozev , a Bulgarian journalist and Bellingcat chief investigator , shared that a “state death machine” operates in the Russian Federation.

The Russian authorities have a long “death list”, the journalist said in an interview with the founder of the “Gordon” publication and his colleague Dmitry Gordon.

According to the interlocutor, investigators know only a small number of people who are on the “death list”.

“… There is a list of deaths. And when you said that I was investigating the terror against Navalny (convicted oppositionist Alexei Navalny – Ed.), – no, Navalny was one of the patients. And this list is long. And we still know about 7- 8% of people who were on this list. This is the state machine of death, and this is the worst thing, “he said.

Earlier, Hristo Grozev said that  Russian President Vladimir Putin is “the head of state of the murderers . 

The Russian leader was also called a murderer by US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

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