NATO calls on Russia to de-escalate the situation near the borders of Ukraine

Jens Stoltenberg said NATO will continue to support Ukraine.NATO Secretary General appealed to Russia / photo REUTERSNATO Secretary General appealed to Russia / photo REUTERS

North Atlantic Alliance called on Russia to de-escalate the situation along the border with Ukraine.

This was reported on the NATO website .

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Alliance and the EU are very concerned about the strengthening of the Russian presence near the borders of Ukraine.

“We call on Russia to be transparent, reduce tensions and de-escalate. We are ready to protect all allies. And we will continue to provide Ukraine with political and practical support,” he said.

The secretary general noted that an unusual concentration of Russian forces can be seen on the border. 

“We see heavy weapons, we see armored troops, we see artillery, we see battle tanks, we see drones, we also see electronic warfare systems, and then we see tens of thousands of combat-ready soldiers. So Russia’s message is that they must reduce escalation, reduce tensions and be transparent. We are also sending a message to Moscow that if they decide to use force, then, of course, there will be consequences, “Stoltenberg emphasized.

The accumulation of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine

As UNIAN reported earlier, on October 31, the American edition of The Washington Post published an article that spoke about the increase in the number of Russian troops and equipment near the borders of Ukraine. It was noted that these maneuvers caused serious concern in the US and European government circles.

Also in early November, information began to appear in the Western media with reference to satellite imagery data about the active movement of the Russian military to the border with Ukraine.

The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, said in an interview with the Military Times that  Russia had concentrated 92 thousand troops near the border with Ukraine.  and was preparing for an invasion in late January – early February 2022.

(C)UNIAN 2021


    • One more last warning, should RuSSia truly dare to move into Lisbon, Nato will definitely consider a possible reaction. In the worst case we will launch merciless sanctions, which could include a ban on imports of eggs, candles and underwear.

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    • The world doesn’t need to hear the same old song and dance about support, what the world needs to hear is that NATO will do what ever is necessary to sustain freedom and democracy including military support in Ukraine and that Ukraine can think for herself when deciding her political alignments. Or a simple ultimatum that if Putin moves one more centimetre into Ukraine NATO will repel the forces and build a permanent base in Ukraine.
      I also think Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine should receive a MAP together which would send a message that Putin’s illegal occupations will not stop these fine nations from joining NATO. The likes of France and Germany will not pull out of NATO because of these 3 new countries and new rules should be passed to ensure a small representation of NATO cannot veto the will of the majority. They always have the option to deny help and stay home and drink beer if they wish.

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