After being tortured in Izolyatsia, a Mariupol citizen was almost completely blind and told about the torture of Donetsk jailers

“Hell on earth” and “concentration camp” – these are the words of the former illegally imprisoned Mariupol resident Oleg Kulakov characterizes the underground Donetsk prison “Izolyatsia”. The man went through physical moral abuse, torture and survived thanks to the strength of spirit and courage. The Ukrainian was released from prison after 2.5 years, according to one of the Ukrainian TV channels.

Now one of Oleg Kulakov’s favorite places is the square near the Mariupol Drama Theater. There he breathes easily and thinks, but none of the passers-by knows what this man had to go through.

“This is a natural concentration camp. That’s all they say – what kind of torture is there, it’s one thing to talk about, and another thing to go through it, “says a former prisoner of Izolyatsia.

It is noted that Mariupol is his hometown. The man moved to Makeyevka in 2012, and two years later, hostilities began. Oleg Kulakov was with all his heart for Ukraine, often went to his mother in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.

“Naturally, I had the opportunity to assess how it became there with the arrival of the“ Russian world ”and how normal Ukraine lives. Accordingly, I was not on the side of the “Russian world” and with some of my actions tried to make it all over there, ”he said.

The militants arrested Oleg Kulakov on July 20, 2017 in the temporarily occupied Makeyevka and accused him of spying for Ukraine. He did not answer the questions and was taken to Izolyatsia.

According to the former prisoner of “Izolyatsia”, the main commandant of the prison, Denis Kulikovsky, whom everyone called “Palych”, personally mocked the illegally inmates.

Officers of the Security Service of Ukraine detained Kulikovsky on November 9 this year. Oleg Kulakov also came to the trial in Mariupol to choose a measure of restraint for “Palych” – he wanted to make sure that the most terrible executioner of “Izolyatsia” was in the dock.

“He loved not only personally hitting people, but also looking into the surveillance camera what the prisoners were doing. And if he gave the command to beat someone in the cell or commit some humiliating action, he could either be present in person or watch it through the cameras. They forced them to climb under the bunks, bark, respond to the nickname Polkan, run and bark when the guards came in, they said: “Alien” and you have to run and bark, ”recalls Oleg Kulakov.

He spent more than nine months in Izolyatsia and a year and a half in the Makeyevka colony without contact with the outside world, there were only rare meetings with his mother. Now, most of all, he worries about the people who stayed there. He says that in April 2018 there were more than fifty people in his squad, accused of espionage.

“There are people who were detained six months more than me, for example, in February. And they will have this term for five, literally in two months it will be five. Five years, for what? “- Oleg Kulakov notes.

It took a man only a few days to adapt to a free life. Now he works in Mariupol, rents an apartment and tries to restore his health. After being tortured in Izolyatsiya, the man almost completely lost his sight.

We will remind, in Mariupol in the Primorsky district court on November 10, a  measure of restraint was chosen for the former militant  and the head of the illegal prison in the temporarily occupied Donetsk.


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  1. The KHPG: Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, keeps detailed records of the atrocities and war crimes committed by the putinazis in Donbas and Crimea.
    One day hopefully there will be a reckoning.

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