Merry Hanukkah: the Jewish community of Odessa lit up on Primorsky Boulevard  

About a thousand Odessans celebrated the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah today and lit the first candle in a ritual lamp on Primorsky Boulevard.

According to the Dumskaya correspondent, they were greeted by the mayor Gennady Trukhanov and the chief rabbi of Odessa and the South of Ukraine Abraham Wolf.

The Hanukkah holiday reminds of the events of the Jewish uprising, which in 166 BC was led by the Maccabi brothers (Maccabees). After the expulsion of the Greco-Syrian invaders, they resumed service in the Jerusalem temple and re-lit the fire in the ritual temple lamp. According to legend, then a miracle happened, and small reserves of oil were enough for 8 days.

In memory of this event, Jews around the world annually celebrate a holiday, during which eight candles are lit in every house for eight days.

For Jews, Hanukkah is a merry holiday; children are especially happy about it. According to Abraham Wolff, every day there is more light around Hanukkah, and this is a symbol of renewal, optimism and hope. Accordingly, the holiday on Primorsky Boulevard was held “in style” – there were children’s performances, and a fire show, and fireworks, and treats, and dances with a DJ, and a lottery.

The first candle on the lamp installed on the stage was lit by Rabbi Avraham Wolf, and the first lamp on the improvised menorah near the monument to Duke was turned on by Gennady Trukhanov. He warmly congratulated the residents of Odessa and noted that optimism and faith in the future is what is needed now for all of us.

Even the cats on Primorsky Boulevard felt the festive atmosphere



    • The people you name are all nazi filth. No different from the imperial scum that inflicted pogrom after pogrom on this city in the 19th and 20th centuries. Amongst those who left for the New World were the antecedents of folk music star Bob Dylan.
      Then German nazi scum murdered 180,000 Jews in 1941.
      Somehow they started to grow again after Russian scum left in 1991 and the Jewish population is once again thriving. Which will inevitably lead to this great city becoming wealthy once more.
      They need to lock up that scummy putlerite mayor though.

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