Production of Ukrainian ship turbines is localized in India

Ukraine will supply turbines for Indian frigates
Photo: Ship portal

The manufacture of individual components of ship gas turbine engines manufactured by the Ukrainian enterprise NVKG “Zorya” – “Mashproekt” is partially localized in India.

This is stated in the agreement that Ukroboronprom signed with the Indian state company Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL).

According to Oleksiy Zhukovets, General Director of NVKG, this agreement will increase the competitiveness of the company’s products and expand opportunities for participation in new projects.

“With the agreement, we have consolidated the results of a long 6-year cooperation with BHEL to determine the format of cooperation, technical capabilities and future prospects. The implementation of the localization project significantly increases the competitiveness of our products in the Indian market. We have significantly strengthened our position and expanded our opportunities to participate in new projects. Today we have reason to talk about the use of our equipment for ships of the Indian Navy in the long run, “said the head of the company.

Partial localization will take place under a license agreement with BHEL payment of the corresponding royalty in favor of SE “Zorya” – “Mashproekt”.

The company also reminded that under the terms of the Indian state development program Make in India, when deciding to cooperate with foreign partners, preference is given to those companies whose production is at least partially localized in India.



  1. Another baffling decision.
    Whilst they certainly should seek to build good relations with India, they should not be putting defence business India’s way. India is not reliable and putler enjoys a sort of minor celebrity status there. They like the poisonous little fuck for some reason. Also India abstained on the Crimea vote. In effect it’s a pro-putler country.

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      • Only the Budapest signatories can bring peace to Ukraine. The US unfortunately stated that Budapest is not binding. That position must change.
        In a call last April to Zel, O’Bidenov pledged “unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russia’s ongoing aggression.” And I think Blinken said it again recently.
        Since 2014, the US has provided $4.5bn in assistance, (the UK* about one quarter of that), including two shipments of Javelin anti-tank missiles from the Trump administration. In other words, tiny Israel gets more each year than Ukraine over 8 years, which is not very equitable.
        I’m not sure if more Javelins were sent this year or not. They had a few hundred, which is a symbolic number only. They would need many thousands of them to make a difference, plus Stinger SAM’s in huge numbers. As it is now, Ukraine is vulnerable from attacks from the air.
        The priority must now be to strengthen Ukraine’s air defences. Putler would not send in ground troops without massive air attacks. The casualties would be dreadful.
        ‘Unwavering support” definitely goes to Israel and quite rightly so. However, support for Ukraine, which faces an equally savage but much more formidable enemy, is frankly pathetic.
        For reasons that are impossible to understand, secular Jews in America vote for the anti-Israel Dems. An act of self loathing if ever there was one; given that the foul, Jew-hating degenerate Ilhan Omar is a prominent figure.
        In my opinion, Ukrainian politicians should build contacts with the Jewish lobby in America. After all, Ukraine was the most Jewish country on earth before the Russians and Germans did their disgusting ‘work’.
        But the key reason behind the GOP’s support for Israel is the evangelists and Episcopalians. They absolutely love Israel. Until they can be shown why Ukraine also deserves their love, US-Ukraine support will fall well short of the mark. Accordingly, Ukraine should make a special effort to lobby their key influencers.
        *Britain is building 8 specially designed fast attack missile warships. After the 8, Ukraine will build their own in Mykolaiv. This is very good, but almost 8 years late.

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