Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna develop vaccines against new dangerous COVID strain “omicron”

09:17, 27.11.21 – UNIAN

PCR test does not detect any of the genes of the new strain.

The pharmaceutical giants have also announced work to develop a vaccine that will prevent complications from a new dangerous strain of coronavirus, Omicron.

This was reported by CNBC .

Pfizer & BioNTech is ready to adapt an existing vaccine from coronavirus to a new strain. The company is waiting for a large amount of laboratory test data no later than two weeks to confirm that the strain requires adjustments to the vaccine production technology.

The Johnson & Johnson; and AstraZeneca is already conducting research at the sites of the first Omicron outbreaks.

Moderna said Friday that the combination of mutations in the new strain “has a significant potential risk of accelerating the weakening of natural and vaccine-induced immunity.”

The company explained that the only way to somehow protect themselves from the risks of “omicron” while there is a third booster dose of injection. The Moderna study will involve volunteers who have received the third dose of the vaccine.

A new strain of coronavirus Omicron: what is known

The new strain has a large number of mutations, some of which are of concern to the WHO. It was first reported by the World Health Organization in South Africa on November 24.

Preliminary data collected by experts indicate an increased risk of re-infection with this option compared to others. The number of cases of this option is increasing in almost all provinces of South Africa.

PCR test does not detect any of the genes of the new strain.

Omicron may make vaccines less effective and more transmissible, according to the UK Health Agency.


  1. There will always be new mutations forever. Vaccines are not the answer. The answer is medication which will heal people who are infected. We cannot keep running and hiding behind useless vaccines forever. A strong cigarette and some whiskey will end the life span of Corona in my body instantly. 🤠

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    • As it stands, there is no vaccine. What we have are fake vaccines that are neither effective nor safe. The “Omicron” strain is quite mild. The PCR has never been a reliable test for the coof. 95% or more positives have been false positives. The hospitals that are supposedly treating the coof are actually killing people.

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  2. The damn thing caused a 3% fall on the markets on Friday. Only for scientists to suggest that it’s not actually as bad as Delta; the Indian variant. Let’s see if they get that 3% back on Monday.
    In Ukraine, they finally seemed to have assembled a stock of AZ and Pfizer vaccines, only to find that the public have been extremely reluctant to take it. Result being that the dominant delta variant is killing Ukrainians in large numbers. My sources tell me that throughout the late summer and autumn period there was a flurry of public meetings held outdoors in town and city squares held by anti-vaxxers. Guess what, they all turned out to be putler agents. What the putinazi scum want is as much destabilisation as possible. In their own shithole they promote their vaccine program, but they want Ukraine weak; preferably on its knees to chicom bat pox.
    The best thing Ukraine can do is get everybody double vaxxed ASAP.
    Although vaccinations do not necessarily guarantee immunity, they do in most cases reduce the frequency and virulence of the attacks.
    I can remember having to take many vaccinations as a kid, because my family was sent to various tropical locations. One jab; smallpox I think; was incredibly painful and sore for days. But it did its job, thank fuck.

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    • The “vaccines” that are available are neither safe nor effective. Take a look at the countries that have the highest vaxx rate, and you will find massive surges in the coof. They are seeing widespread antibody enhancment from the fake vaccines. In short, the “vaccines” are actually aiding the coof in infecting people. The people are then fighting the bug with weakened immune systems.

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  3. How many other varieties will there be of this bat virus before we are more or less rid of it? The world should start a program that assures a proper punishment for bat virus land. Just think how much of an outcry there would be if the US or Britain had been the source of this disease! Is the world already so deeply in Peking’s pocket that it is afraid of it?

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    • Absolutely. If all people worldwide would start to wear a mask (properly, since some are too stupid to cover their filthy nose) we would already be out of it. But no, the vaccinated idiots had to abuse their vaccination as a tool to drop their masks and increase social contacts again. This time bomb has now exploded.

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      • Masks are entirely ineffective in preventing the spread of coof. The biggest spreaders of the bug are those who have gotten the fake vaccines. Nothing will change until the idiots running things are out of positions of influence and in prison for their crimes against humanity.

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    • We will never be rid of it facts. It’s a corona virus; indestructible. What will start happening next year will be that the annual flu jab; which is re-engineered each year, will incorporate a covid jab, which will also be refined and re-engineered each year.
      The reason why covid is so terrible is because the SARS virus was harvested from a chicom bat cave in 2003, taken to the lab in Wuhan for unknown reasons : study, weaponisation? When it was unleashed in mid 2019, it had already started mutating. Some people I knew slightly reported a terrible, flu-like illness in August 2019. They had been on a transit flight through Wuhan. Then in September was the Military Games, which the US took part in. Very fit athletes went down with very severe flu-like symptoms. The virus was probably all over the world before that: Barcelona discovered covid in a sample of sewage water collected in May 2019.
      A British student studying in Wuhan went down with it in Dec 2019. It developed into pneumonia and nearly killed the guy. In Jan 2020, people started getting sick in Georgia. I later asked people why that was; surely there were no chicoms in Georgia?
      Well I was wrong! The fuckers had built a city by the Tbilisi Sea (actually a lake) and that was the source.
      Allocation of blame on the chicoms has been virtually obliterated from all public discussions and if you blame the fucks in a comments thread on a national UK paper it often gets zapped by the mods.
      The real power of covid is that it can and does kill anyone; even fit young people. But what the virus does is exploit weakness. If you are elderly, obese, suffering from an organic disease, or have an autoimmune condition, it will find you and try to kill you. Even little children are NOT immune. A family member of mine: a six year old, caught it twice last year. She made a good recovery, but was severely ill on the second occasion.
      When it kills older people, it’s usually because it’s progressed to pneumonia, but it can cause DVT; which is also a potential killer.
      That’s why the chicoms must be punished very severely.

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      • The virus that was used for the gain of function study in Wuhan originated at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. When gain of function studies were outlawed in the US, because of their danger, Fauci had UNC package everything up and shipped to Wuhan. Fauci laundered the funding through a US NGO so the US also funded the Biowar lab doing the study.

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      • I know several people who had covid 19 and this on two different continents. None of the cases were with severe symptoms. As a matter of fact, they were mostly quite mild, sort of between the flu and a cold. None needed to be hospitalized. In my entire circle of family, friends and acquaintances, there has been not a single case of death or even a severe form needing intensive care, as stated above. Either we all have been lucky or this thing is blown way out of proportion.

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        • You have indeed been lucky facts. If you have any weakness at all, beware. By that I mean if you have any autoimmune disease, organic disease, are elderly or obese.
          I accept that I may have a larger than average network of contacts, but nevertheless am aware of deaths definitely from covid, plus from other conditions aggravated by covid. Only two were elderly. However, the number of people of my acquaintance who were severely effected but survived, is well into double figures. One is a very fit football coach and his wife, who is a slim, professional model and also a very fit sportswoman. Both of them were completely knocked out by the Delta variant and still are suffering from what doctors call “long covid” after 9 months.
          Even if you accept, as I do, that a very large number of registered covid deaths were not necessarily from covid, a very large number in fact were.

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