In the Lviv region, a Polish company will build an oil depot complex for € 12 million

Unimot Ukraine, a subsidiary of the Polish multi-energy company UNIMOT SA, intends to build an oil depot complex in the Lviv region.

UNIMOT SA is one of the largest independent suppliers of fuel, liquefied and natural gases, as well as electricity on the Polish market.

The company has been operating on the market since 1992, is a member of the international association “AVIA International” (includes more than 3.2 thousand gas stations in Europe) and develops a network of gas stations under the brand “AVIA” in Poland and Ukraine.

The main tasks of Unimot Ukraine LLC are the development of a network of filling stations under this brand on the Ukrainian market, as well as the supply of quality fuel, both to provide AVIA gas stations and other Ukrainian consumers.

That is why, in order to diversify the sources of fuel supply to the Ukrainian market, taking into account the company’s experience in the Polish market, Unimot Ukraine intends to build an oil base complex in the western region of Ukraine – a petroleum terminal.

Its task is to ensure the acceptance of fuel tanks on a narrow gauge railway, for further discharge, storage and shipment to Ukrainian consumers by road and rail.

During the meeting with the regional authorities, the company’s representatives discussed the roadmap for the future project. Investments of the first stage in the object – 12 million euros, the project will create four dozen jobs.

Instead, the second stage of the oil terminal is being implemented subject to changes in the legislation, which are already being considered by the Verkhovna Rada. And this is an additional 10 million euros of investment and 20 jobs. The volume of the tank farm is 54,000 m3.  


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