For the first time, the German Foreign Ministry will be headed by a woman: she openly opposes Nord Stream-2

10:24, 27.11.21 – UNIAN

Burbock has repeatedly reaffirmed her tough stance on Russia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany will be headed by co-chairman of the Green Party Annalena Berbok. About it on Twitter on November 25 the acting wrote. Minister of Foreign Affairs Gaiko Maas.

“Congratulations, dear Annaleno Burbock! When you become Minister of Foreign Affairs, the department will be headed by a woman for the first time. After 151 years, that is the time! Representing Germany in the world is both an honor and a challenge. All the best!” Maas turned to his successor.

According to DW , Burbock repeatedly reaffirmed her tough stance on Russia during the election campaign, and recently expressed solidarity with the Memorial organization, which the Russian government wants to eliminate.

Burbock is also known to oppose the Nord Stream-2 project and recently called for a license not to operate it.

At the same time, according to journalists, before Burbock took office, he still had to weaken his criticism of the Russian gas pipeline, which is confirmed by the coalition agreement between the new German government.

Burbock supported Ukraine’s aspirations to join the EU, but only after the deoccupation of parts of Donbass and Crimea. In addition, the new German Foreign Minister considers Ukraine’s ambitions to become a NATO member “unrealistic” so far.

The position of the new German coalition on Ukraine

On November 24, the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), the Soyuz-90 / Greens, and the Free Democratic Party presented a coalition agreement .

The agreement states that the new government will support Ukraine’s move towards membership in the European Union. Germany also intends to deepen its energy partnership with Ukraine, in particular in the fields of renewable energy and hydrogen production.

The candidate for the post of Chancellor of Germany is Olaf Scholz (SPD).

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  1. Baerbock is a nincompoop. The average kraut politician is not blessed with much gray matter in the first place but the greens are the true dodos in this respect. Bearbock is one of the party’s dimmest lights. She is famous in Germanystan for once claiming that excess electrical power can be stored in the electric grid system and that there are goblins in smartphones (instead of cobalt). There are a number of other greens who have said very stupid things and even things that would get them fired or in front of a firing squad in other countries.
    Being against NSII, however, is at least one bright part of this party. Let’s hope that they can conjure up enough influence to convince the dumbasses in the SPD and FDP.

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