NYT: Biden is trying to dissuade Putin from full-scale invasion of Ukraine

The American leader’s administration still relies on diplomatic channels.Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin held talks in Geneva / ReutersJoe Biden and Vladimir Putin held talks in Geneva / Reuters

Representatives of the Joe Biden Administration still do not specify the “red lines” on Russia’s aggression, the crossing of which may cause some more decisive action on the part of Washington, and not just diplomatic “concern.” This raised the question of how far Biden is willing to go into confrontation with Putin over Ukraine.

This is stated in the NYT publication .

According to the interlocutors of the publication, the Biden administration is now focused on resolving the crisis through diplomatic channels in order to contain and dissuade Putin. Finally, we can talk about the second meeting of the presidents.

Biden insists on continuing the dialogue with Putin. At the same time, US officials, together with partners, are working out options for punishing the Russian Federation for any new provocations, including powerful economic sanctions against Russian banks and energy producers.

Among the options are also the imposition of sanctions on the use of Russian oligarchs Visa and Mastercard and restrictions on entry.

Former head of the National Security Council, Fiona Hill, said in a comment to reporters that during the Trump era, Putin wanted to exclude Europe from negotiations and conclude a separate agreement with the United States, so the EU’s active participation in this issue “is indeed a challenge.”

“The US shouldn’t be the main engine here,” she added.

One NYT interlocutor noted that Putin may question the West’s willingness to follow through on its threats and make sure Biden focuses on China.

Analysts of the publication are convinced that the current build-up of Russian troops is a kind of test for the Kremlin, whether the Biden administration and Europe will act decisively in the event of a full-scale attack on Ukraine.

What preceded

On November 23, the representative of the US State Department, Ned Price, was asked how the United States would act in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. To which he assured that Washington was ready for an “unpredictable” course of events, but he could not specify what the “answer” would be.

The situation on the border of the Russian Federation and Ukraine

On November 11, Bloomberg published an article discussing the risks of a full-scale Russian attack on Ukraine. The agency noted that the circles of American and European diplomats are seriously worried about the current movement of Russian troops towards the Ukrainian border.

Moscow itself denies this , calling the autumn redeployment of troops a “show of force.”

In early November, information began to appear in the Western media with reference to satellite imagery data about the active movement of the Russian military to the border with Ukraine. 

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine denied this information.

This is the second likely wave of aggravation on the Russian-Ukrainian border since March 2021. However, according to Bloomberg, so far the concentration of Russian troops takes place mainly at night, while in the spring the Kremlin openly threatened to attack, putting political pressure on Ukraine, the EU and the United States.

Russian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that the threat of a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine by Russia does exist, but Kiev is doing the necessary work to prevent such a scenario from being realized.

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  1. Putler is an imperialist. He will take back everything they lost in 1991 if he thinks he can get away with it. Then he would go to phase 2: Poland, Romania, the Czechlands just for starters. Hungary would be the new Austria.
    Putler believes in “spheres of influence.” How do we know that? Because he says it all the time, referring to “sfera vliyaniya”.
    His shills in western media and politics use it, as do west-based kremtroll bilge rats using comments pages of mainstream western media.
    Putler dreams of a new Yalta; sitting down with the US and doing an unholy “who owns what” deal where free peoples are simply ignored like at Yalta in 1945. FDR; a Stalin fan boy and his communist advisor Harry Hopkins, chucked Poland under a bus, despite Churchill’s robust objections.

  2. “The American leader’s administration still relies on diplomatic channels.”
    Nothing else can be expected from this utterly feeble, sluggish and ineffective administration. Hard, concrete action is the only language that the crime syndicate understands. Everything else is seen for what it is; pussified weakness.

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